♥ Hey driving on a flat tyre?? All the best :P ♥


How many of you just resist a bad day , the sorrowful feeling, the heavy heart and try your best to mask it by saying I am fine and are un successful in trying to feel the same? Most of us right? You try to focus on all the good things in life but still end up feeling burned out….right?? But do you know that even the highly evolved people had bad days/suffering/sorrows…Buddha had a bad day..Mohammad had sufferings..Lord Ram had sorrows too..as human beings we will always experience the full range of emotions from pain to joy..it is just that a negative emotion is a red flag that something needs to be learned or paid attention to.

The resistance to negative emotions is actually like driving the life on a flat tyre which you would never do in your practical life but you do it everyday in your emotional life.So how long can you drive on a flat tyre? Then ultimately you break down.

You cannot reach your destination without accepting the point where you are NOW. So if you are in pain today accept and welcome it.Pain and negative emotions educate us about our own inner weaknesses and help our souls to evolve. Bad days/pain /sufferings are instruments for the soul to perfect it.

No Buddha would have been a Buddha had there been no Mara..No Ram would be Ram had there been no Ravan. So befriend people who are the cause of the pain n negative emotions in life they are your biggest teachers..learn the life lesson and then just let them go..

Lots of love to all of you ♥ – Sargam ♥

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