New Beginnings 2016


New Beinnings 2016 ad.png

I am so excited to announce the nominations and registration for our new Meditation and Blessing event “New Beginnings 2016” a 21 Day Online Event to energize and recharge the new year with new possibilities, success, happiness and abundance.
Please send your nominations on if you are a new member we can also add you to the watsapp group. Inbox your phone number.
Please encourage your friends and family members to join this event to experience the bliss of group energies.
We will use the Gratitude Meditations of Master Stephen Co together to build up group energies and also have beautiful insights from various spiritual teachers across time and geographies to kick start our days.
I am expecting a Beautiful New Beginning in my life in 2016 and may each one of you be blessed to create happiness and joy in your life this 2016. Let us meditate and bless everyone together for 21 Days and welcome the New Year 2016!!

Please click on the LINK for joining the event on Facebook

Lots of Love! Sargam

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