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Sargam Mishra Emotional Detox

Your excess weight is your body’s cry of help for love, security and acceptance. Most of us struggle to lose weight even after joining the best of Gym or following the best of diet plans. When people have compulsive food disorders it is actually a hunger for much more than food.As a healer when I am working with guests and they share how they have failed miserably in their quest of having a healthy body I have guided them on how they can integrate the mind body and soul approach for long lasting weight management and emotional detox.

I myself have have gone through a lot of issues with my weight and the way I related emotionally with my body. I went through a poor self image and self confidence for a good 10 years as somehow even being blessed by a great height and personality I was unhappy with my body.

I had this one thought : My value lies not in my body at all. I am only valuable because of my mind. I never liked people to judge me based on my looks as I was pretty but I never wanted to be identified with it. This lead to lots of issues , I never valued what I was blessed with and then it started showing up in the form of weight, dull skin and disconnection from my physical body. Somehow I was silently telling my body you are not important. Things became worse when I started hearing people saying not so good things about my physical self and then I started to fight the criticism by joining gyms and changing diets. All this did not help and I lost and gained back weight very quickly.

After a good 2 years of loathing and moaning I again wanted to discover something that could  work for me and then my journey was supported by an amazing woman Sonia Bakshi who helped me in working out with love and focus. We practiced with a group of women and she was just awesome. This helped me to understand how much I loved working out without machines and without going to gyms and instead I really enjoyed fun music and active dance and aerobic moves. This helped me to further take up Zumba and I loved my zumba sessions and I never missed my classes. I even went ahead becoming a ZIN and Licensed Zumba Instructor.


Completed My B1 Zumba Instructor Certification with the Goddess of Zumba Sucheta Pal

After having good physical health I still went into phases of restlessness there was some inner hunger which made me uncomfortable in my new revamped physical avatar.My eyes did not reflect the sense of achievement that I was thinking they should. Somewhere inside, my emotional and mental body were hungry but Hungry for what????

As I started my journey with Pranic Healing in 2012 life began to look more complete and fulfilling I started identifying with my body on a whole new level. This became the abode of my soul and it completely changed my perspective on why it is important to have a healthy body it had nothing to do with the media projected image of HEALTH and SIZE or CALORIES to be taken.

The way you are constantly bombarded with the idea of self by the media it adds to your weighty thinking, I come across women  who are fairly light but they have a fear of being overweight, the idea of not being good enough daunts them , they are in constant comparison with the Angelina Jolie, Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif’s of the world.

In my journey of health and wellness I discovered a profound connection between weight loss and spirituality.This new program on 21 Days Spiritual Weight Loss and Emotional Detox is a holistic paradigm for weight loss and emotional detox addressing the spiritual, emotional and psychological elements involved in “Conscious Weight Loss”

This program is good for anyone who wants to take a deep sacred journey to connect with your own DIVINE PERFECTION. In these 21 days you will learn to shift your relationship with yourself – and your physical self from one of fear to one of LOVE. This 21 Days rigorous program will help you integrate the various part of yourself – MIND BODY AND SPIRIT.

Explore this journey of “Conscious Weight Loss” with Me on 9th April Join the

21 Days Online Spiritual Weightloss and Emotional Detox >>>>> Signup Now


In this 21 Days workshop on Spiritual Weightloss and Emotional Detox you will:

  1. Work with a motivated group
  2. Identify your body constitution based on Ayurveda
  3. Meditate daily with the group and bless each other’s physical and subtle bodies
  4. Receive daily guidance on Spiritual Weightloss &  Emotional Detox
  5. Understand your weight issues from a spiritual,emotional and energetic perspective
  6. Develop a spiritual relationship with food
  7. Receive a Creative Visualization Audio for Good Self Image
  8. Weekly Body Sculpting and Weightloss Healing
  9. 30 minutes one on one connect to clear any blocks related to weightloss
  10. Learn interesting recipes for weightloss and much much more……

Relationship HealingTestimonial Sargam Mishra

Reclaim the Goddess within -Love Sargam!


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