Hoponopono For Healthy Body


let Go and Forgive Sargam Mishra.png

This forgiveness Meditation is part of 21 Days Spiritual Weight-loss and Emotional Detox Workshop. It will be very useful for all who are struggling with healthy body image and self love.


So today we do *forgiveness*

… Yes you need to forgive your old self for being a critique for projecting self hate, shame guilt, disgrace , fear, judgments ….. looong list of lower emotions onto self. This shaming is still stored in the cellular memory of your body as fat…. mind it fat is accumulation of low moving gross energies… this is why it feels heavy and repelling.

This can be released only if you can let it go and allow god to fill you with light ✨✨✨✨

*Today let us do forgiveness with yourself for saying bad things to your body for years*

Imagine yourself to stand in front of you and now follow these 4 steps

1. I am sorry …… and speak out all that u feel sorry for

2 I forgive *YOU*

forgive yourself for saying and making your body ashamed of its present form ….

3. I love you… say words of love n appreciation imagine light of god filling each and every fat cell with love

4. Give thanks for this awareness…

This is the Hawaiian Technique HOPPONOPONO

You can also do this technique with anyone who has hurt your body image adversely. Then yoy can release the hurt by doing this technique as well.

*Journal Entry*

Today write 5 amazing attributes of your physical appearance…focus your attention on what God created just awesomenasciously amazing exclusive to you physically. If you were your own Lover how would you describe yourself😍💕

If you want I will guide you all through this technique on zoom.

Love !!

Ho’oponopono (pronounced ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian clearing prayer of forgiveness. It is rooted in principles of complete self-responsibility and oneness: whatever you hold within yourself is in others, and whatever others hold within them, you also hold. As you say the prayer, you honor any part of you that is not in alignment with your Divine essence, embrace it with acceptance, thank it for the purpose it has served and release it. As you come into alignment with the neutrality of your Divine Self in this way, you heal all.

I found this technique to be very effective for simple dialoguing with a body part, or the body as a whole. You can do this quite easily, in any moment, but creating sacred space for it may yield a more profound experience.

Bring yourself into a meditative state and set your intention to create healing for yourself. Deeply relax your body and your breath, to allow yourself to experience any shifts in your body. Lying down with your feet and arms uncrossed is most conducive to this relaxed state but not essential. Simply stay very attuned to your body or the body part that you are addressing. Take your time.

Acknowledge the body;

“Dear Body”

I am sorry for rejecting myself and moving away from love towards you.

Please Forgive me I have unknowingly and knowingly hurt you many a times with criticism and comparisons

I love you and accept all the unhealed aspects of my body and consciousness, “I know you have the power to easily heal yourself. Please heal yourself now.

I lovingly release all that is inorganic ,unsupported and does not serve my highest good.

Please return to 100% optimized whole health and complete alignment with your Divine Perfection. Let my soul experience the

Thank you.”






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