This Wesak “Make A Wish”


sargam mishra make a wish

The Wesak, also known as Buddha Purnima, comes from the Sanskrit term Vaisakha, which refers to the month when Wesak is celebrated, and is one of the most auspicious festivals in many cultures, especially among the Buddhists. Buddha Purnima basically means the full moon of Buddha.

Though for some, Wesak appears to be a Buddhist practice, it is universal in nature. People from various backgrounds, races and religions gather together every year to take part in this great act of service and to receive the tremendous amount of spiritual energies and blessings that pour down on earth to accelerate their spiritual development.

“It is believed that year after year, Buddha comes back for blessing and year after year together with the Christ, he works for the benefit of humanity. He transmits ‘a dual stream of force — one stream from the Silent Watcher, or higher counterpart of Sanat Kumara, and one stream from Sanat Kumara himself.” – Alice Bailey

Wesak is a spiritual and sacred ceremony celebrated on the full moon of the Indian month of Vaisakh (Wesak). It coincides with the anniversary of the Lord Buddha’s birth, His attainment of Enlightenment, and His physical death. The Wesak festival is a result of bridge-building between humanity and the Divine. On this day the forces of enlightenment, which emanate from the mind and heart of God descend into human consciousness.

“Wesak links east and west, Buddha and Christ, Shamballa and Hierarchy, purpose and love.” Alice Bailey

This wonderful observance is performed in a remote sacred valley in the Northern side of the Himalayas near Nepal and Lhasa where legend says that Great Beings gather to witness a tremendous outpouring of Divine energy for Divine Purpose and Plan. The celebration with all its esoteric significance occurs on different levels of consciousness – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes of existence. It is believed that spiritual disciples consciously attend the sacred ritual in their astral bodies, others in their mental bodies and the more advanced ones in their spiritual bodies. If one attends the ceremony one may or may not have a conscious memory of the experience. As Master Choa Kok Sui says, There is a definite effect of the spiritual experience of the Wesak Meditation regardless of the ability of the brain to comprehend or register it. If the higher bodies are developed and pure, the disciple can experience the sacred ceremony at that level in all its solemnity, beauty and magnificence.

The ceremony is filled with numerous symbols. The Great ones occupy certain points in the innermost circle and the younger members occupy the outermost circles. A few seconds before the Full Moon, the Great Invocation is sounded and the Lord Buddha passes a Ray of energy to the Christ, who then passes it through the centre circles of Great Ones, who then dispenses it to all the Ashrams of the Hierarchy who passes it to all of Humanity. The legend tells us that the Christ blesses for one minute but that one minute blessing lasts for an eternity.

According to Torkom Saraydarian, the Wesak energy will be best appreciated by spiritual disciples as they move forward to greater light, to greater revelation and greater field of service.

Master Djwhal Khul says that the secret of the Divine purpose and the Divine Plan is hidden in the Wesak Energy.

On this coming Wesak Celebration, let us focus on ourselves as we strive to become an embodiment of light, love and power. Let us use the incoming energies of LOVE, JOY, BLISS, LIGHT of the Wesak to help Humanity.

Wesak 2018 Video 10th May

Pranic Healers, following the teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, have been active participants of the Wesak meditation for over a few decades now. Full moon of Taurus therefore marks a very special occasion for all the Pranic Healers worldwide, to join together in service and continue the legacy that Grand Master Choa Kok Sui has left behind.

Join US on the 28th of April 2018 Siri Fort Auditorium to be a part of this great ceremony. (Courtesy Pranic Healing Center Delhi) email, phone +91 9560 600 600

Wesak Make A Wish.png

Note: You can join in at any of the Pranic Healing Centers across the globe or Join Master Stepehn Co. Online to Harness the powerful full moon energies

Wesak Full Moon Meditation

Remember the Secret , our thoughts create our reality and the more powerful a thought form is the faster is the materialisation that is pure science energy transforms to matter. Don’t wait join us for 7 days 23rd April – 29th April

Have you signed up for MAKE A WISH ?? If not what are you waiting for join us on

Make A Wish Flyer

We will use the Universal Powerful Prayer the Great Invocation

Benefits of Great Invocation

  • It Harmonizes physical and spiritual changes of Mother Earth.
  • Helps Global peace, healing and protection.
  • Individual healing and protection.
  • Blessings to the world affected by natural and man-made disasters – earthquakes, floods, mudslides, fires, terrorism crimes etc. It helps in bringing lots of DIVINE ENERGY to give relief.
  • Harmonious materialisation of global and individual projects according to the Divine Plan

The Great Invocation As Recited By Master Choa Kok Sui Modern Founder of Pranic Healing he-great-invocation-mcks/


By The Blessing of Supreme Being and all the great great ones and by the blessings of Mahaguruji Mei Ling and My Teacher Master Choa Kok Sui May all your wishes manifest Rapidly and Proper So be it So Be it So Be It  and So it is

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