How To Jump Start…after a Long Vacation


Discipline is remembering what you want.

– David Campbell

Landed in India on Sunday after nearly 40 days and there was some jet lag so gave myself a day to align with the climate , unpacked and got the home up and running. We all know it takes effort to set up the house once we take such a long vacation (specially women) …

It was really hard for me to rest my mind as so much was running through it, The October calendar of events need to be created, My new venture needs to be kicked off this month, Zero Hunger Drive, Festivals lined up and then we have to unveil the 5 year blessed Crystal Alchemy Jewellery from Irish Arhatic Retreat….and yes my corporate job and the home to dos….haaahhhhhhh…

Though laziness and social media was trying to engage me time and again but I wanted to just focus on all the right things. My To do list was something like this—–>>>


It was crazy and I was unable to just get it all on a single list. So what do I do yes I did want to meditate and that I will but I always go to the experts when I am stuck and this one is a video… we like to always think we are smarter than every one on this planet but we all can learn from others. This is what makes me a lifelong student….and I love this lady …so check out the technique Verberize the to do list it really helped me to sort things out.

Hope you enjoyed!

I am all set with my to do lists so stay tuned to hear from me on my FB page about exciting events, workshops and lots of interesting products.



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