Alpha to Omega Consciousness


Why Raise Your Vibration?

Most of us vibrate at less than 250 Omega consciousness scale this is because throughout our lives, we accumulate hidden energy blockages and negative conditioning that holds us back from higher vibration. The level we should aim for however is 500 and above 500 is the vibration of love.When you vibrate at this level like becomes drastically different. Love joy and abundance or suddenly within your grasp. Pain stress and struggle seem to melt away and you become a magnet for what you truly desire.

How to Raise your Vibrations?

Your heart is a great skill to help you raise your vibration with most of the time we ignore it if you can make it a habit to focus on what makes you feel happy and good you can maintain this high vibration state.

Some of the things that help raise vibrations are :

listening music
working out
watching a comedy movie.

All matter is vibrational in nature and each of us are also vibrating at a certain frequency. The higher our vibrations the more the positive circumstances we attract. Have you heard people often using the word high or low describing their emotional state of mind?? Exactly as per my earlier article emotions are actually energy in motion all love based emotions are high and anger/fear based emotions are low vibrations.

As we all know only like vibrations can co exist so if you are in a high vibration state you can only attract people who are loving, compassionate and conscious and similarly you will be a good match to abundance affluence and prosperity and success in life.

The lowest state of vibration is called alpha and the aim is to move towards omega consciousness 🙂 So what is your vibrational state?????

Lots of Love $argam

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