Break Free with Saahil Mehta



Saahil, the Author:
Saahil is the author of BREAK FREE- A guide to Decluttering your Life. BREAKFREE teaches you how to master strategic decluttering in 4 key dimensions of life- mind, body, relationships, and home to experience joy, abundance, peace & diamond grade clarity to scale your personal summits faster. With this book, he shares his personal journey of how he transcended all odds to scale the summits of his dreams, and how you too, can dream up new personal summits every day, once you adopt his fool-proof process of breaking-free.

Saahil, the Speaker:
Saahil’s story of re-inventing his life and accomplishing his mountaineering dream- 3 times in a row personifies practical inspiration! Via his talks, He brings this authentic, compelling story and experiences to guide ambitious and thoughtful leaders to navigate their health, wealth and relationships as they scale their personal summits, with the help of his proven set of tools + rituals to experience the ultimate confidence and freedom that redefines their personal success.

Saahil, the Mountaineer
Saahil believes that once you master the art of strategically decluttering these 4 key dimensions of life, you truly empower yourself to BREAK-FREE from these illusions of limits and rise to manifest the best version of yourself. With this same philosophy, he was able to scale the summits of Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Chopicalqui and, Kala Patthar in his very first attempts!

Saahil, the Thought Leader
Saahil believes, ‘clutter is just deferred decisions and the process of strategic decluttering births strategic clarity.’ Saahil is driven by the joy of helping people ignite the compassion, creativity, and connection that births clarity for perceiving and pursuing their WHAT NEXT”. Paradoxically, on one hand, Saahil leads his life with absolute ‘ahimsa’ the art of non-violence, and evangelizes the universal virtue of ‘one-ness for all human beings, but when it comes to personal mastery & performance he loves to destroy his limits and consistently conquer himself.



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