Ep 16 -Why Your Story Matters with Shobha Nihalani



Why Your Story Matters❓

with Shobha Nihalani @shobhan.author.lifecoach

Shobha is an Author and LifeCoach and in this episode we dive deeper into :

Her journey as an author of 10 Books

📖What it takes to write a book?

📖When should one decide to write a book, is it too early or too late?

📖Her latest book Reflect, Reboot Revive -Self Esteem in A Selfie World

And so much more🥰🥰🥰🥰

It is  such excitement hosting power women on my Podcast and this one you will love. So much to learn from her.


About the Author

Shobha Nihalani is an author, ghostwriter, and life coach. She has been writing for over twenty-five years and continues to follow her passion. In the early part of her life, she lived in countries around Africa, Asia, North America, and Europe. From freelance writing to short stories, then novels and screenwriting, she has discovered creative ways of communicating with words.

After writing eight novels, she shifted direction and began her journey in non-fiction writing. Writing the biography of a humanitarian and spiritual man, gave her a deeper understanding of what is needed to fulfill us. More recently she has completed a self-improvement book, ‘REBOOT REFLECT REVIVE Self-esteem in a Selfie World’ giving her greater insights into the workings of the human mind. The book raises the curtain on our world and how it has conditioned us to self-doubt, and how our limiting beliefs have affected our relationship with ourselves, and others.

Shobha is in her fifties and is working on her next book. She continues to learn and feels that a direction in self-development is what makes life more fulfilling and purposeful.


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