How To Create Success Through Happiness with Rajeev Daswani


Rajeev is a revolutionary leader a man with vision and purpose.

In this episode, we dive deeper into

  • Rajeev’s journey from an entrepreneur to being a coach
  • What is Happiness based Leadership
  • How it can help organizations and leaders.
  • Energetic Blueprint of Success
  • How to master the inner game for creating 365 Abundance

Rajeev shares his experience with energy and how it has helped to seek deeper meaning in life and much much more…

About Rajeev-

He is a Transformative Conscious Leadership Coach & Global Speaker on Wellbeing and positive workplaces. My focus is to Humanize Organizations & Leaders to Consciously-BE so that they can positively impact the world at large. This can be achieved when we lead aligned teams to ensure they are happy.

My programs have been created and practiced by various organizations, however, I continue to develop sharper and more transformative experiences that do not only change mindsets but empower individuals to adopt a growth and resilient mindset and live through purpose.

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