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  1. hii, I like your article. really inspiring. Do you think by doing pranic syco regularly one can lose excess weight? I have recently done pranic syco class.


  2. Hi there. Just read your post about shoulder pain. You listed a mantra: Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hun. The “Hun” should read “hung.” Thanks.

  3. Hello sargam ji
    I’m suffering with 1)cervical spondylosis of c4-c5;c5-c6; and c6-c7
    3)gerd(gastro esoohageal reflux disease)
    4)weight gain(want to lose weight)
    Can you help me in any way???
    I’m trying to contact you but the contact form is not working properly.
    Hoping fr your response soon.

  4. Atma Namaste, Sir I am an Arhatic level 1 found you article on prosperity meditation it says Open for all but the prayer is for Kriyashakti gradutes…just wanted to confirm can I repeat the prayer and then do the THM. Thank you

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