Life is Your Own Creation


582427_321869801246991_993025006_nLast year I went to Kingdom of Dreams KOD (Cultural fair) with family not aware that today I will be penning down this write-up based on a small experience… well I must say everything happens for a reason

KOD is a nice place and enjoyable as a first time experience for sure. I happen to see a pottery making stall with lots of kids lining up, there even I lined up waiting for my turn. It was my first experience with the wet clay and the moving wheel. I was super excited the kind of person I am all these small things just fascinate me. As I started working on the set up, the clay was just out of control as the wheel was continuously moving and a slight movement of my hand changed its shape. Gradually I realized it was not the clay or the wheel that was making my clay pot it was my fingers. As it was wet clay I could at any time correct or change the shape I wanted to make so there was no fear. I smiled and became friendly with it and whoa there I had my first masterpiece.

Life is just like the wet clay when we realize it is not our destiny or the people around us who make our life, but it is we ourselves. During difficult times we do feel as a victim to the external conditions but every situation is a blessing a reality that we have manifested. Once we accept the reality that life doesn’t happen to us by chance or by luck and start taking ownership by being conscious and aware of our thoughts and actions, life becomes Your creation, Your “Masterpiece”.
Create your Masterpiece

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