Entanglement in Relationships


Relationships are nothing but an entanglement where each of us is trying to act as a savior for the other. We do not realize that we ourselves have so much scope of improvement first that everything is secondary. We approach as saviors and end up dominating or being dominated Aliens Vs Predators. Nobody understands that families , friendships and any other relationship is about intimacy and equality and not about domination.


We are in a constant quest to detangle each other 🙂 when we ourselves are completely in a messed up state. Most of us expect others to treat us better, but do you think it is possible for others if we ourselves do not treat us well? Everyone today is so stressed out, they have their own quests their own anger and resentments that do you think they have time to appreciate YOU????

The situation is:

“You treat me this way (not so good) and so I have no choice other than to treat you just the same 🙂  Tit for Tat” ……I am sure you would have also done this to someone? 🙂 I have:)  This is what we call entanglement our thoughts, actions and words are so dependent on what people do to us and then we try to make them comfortable by getting into their point of views and get down to a their levels. This is called lowering our own vibrations.

Do you think this in any way makes you happy for long??? Nooooooo as it feels like a compromise so what do you do??

First stand in your own energy field and this happens only when you are completely at ease/relaxed. Raise your own vibrations by being more loving, grateful and compassionate towards yourself and others.

Try to treat others better, something that you wish for yourself try and do for others. Example compliment someone as you would love to be complimented, do it from heart . Gift people, buy flowers, give hugsss, smile…..you can add whatever you want for yourself in this list as well.

Your willingness to treat others better shows how well you treat yourself and when they treat you better improve upon that treatment. This will help you clear your entanglement and will make others realize they are worthy of better too …it is never about you versus others it is always about you Vs yourself

You are just responsible for your expansion, your happiness and your de tanglement once you have mastered it then only you can serve as an example.

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  1. It beutiful how you can segregate such people and put words for eplain what they do and why they do it. Thanks bringing in this amanzing clarity!!

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