Free Relationship Healing and Blessings 21 Days Event


21 Day Free Relationship Healing Round 3

As the day begins..we enter into Round 3 of 21days relationship healing event that we will embark together…it is all about rising and shining to your fullest potential…please invoke from the universe the positivity to make the next 21 days journey you have decided to take on be blissful and fulfilling…reaffirm you are a beautiful soul, open and ready to learn from the insights or inner guidance you experience during the journey together as a group or is important to make a resolve and commit to practicing the guided meditations regularly.

May the angels, our spiritual gurus and the divine guide us as we move ahead..So be it!

Here is a short video about Free Online Relationship Healing. We have had two successful rounds and this is the 3rd on public Demand. May all of you be blessed with loving and nurturing relationships. Starting 10th  June online join the group for more details.

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