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The Spunk in Spanking


Lots of likes and encouraging comments for the below status on FB and I was kind of upset over it 😦 This is a classic example of the control based atmosphere that starts from home. With parents inducing fear in their children as compared to what they feel is respect.

ImageWe see the larger reflection of this fear based control for respect in our society and government, offices and all around us.

Respect is earned you can’t gift wrap and give it to people as presents for their unapproved behavior. Being an elder does not entitle you respect if you do not live up to it. It applies same in relationships and society.

I have number of cases where kids suffer poor self esteem and under confidence because of an abusive childhood. Spanking, Hitting, howling ,shouting ,and physical punishments leave a deep scar in children who carry them in their hearts even in their old age. If you spank with control, discipline, and good intent, your kids are more likely to have depression and engage in aggressive behavior in adulthood. An Infographic was conducted explaining what 36,000 people and 88 studies found. More details in the article The Science of Spanking

Here are some of the findings the short term and long term effects of corporal punishments for children.

long term effects spanking sargam mishra Short term effects spanking sargam mishra

“Children are a projection of your true self” and when they mirror your own negatives you get offended. Punishment induces fear and not respect, Respect is induced with Love. You need to be there to provide directions till your child needs it they have a brain and heart , let them use it.Image

I was never spanked nor I believe in spanking let the kids bloom and shine in love – Lots of Love Sargam.Image

Alternatives to Spanking and physical punishments

Alternate disciplinary actions sargam mishra