CONCRETE JUNGLE Wolves in Suits and Hyenas in Dress????


 CONCRETE JUNGLE Wolves in Suits and Hyenas in Dress???? 

This is how GOD would be experiencing while observing us from above. God created man with utmost care and blessed us with speech, intellect and wisdom. He must have been proud initially on his creation but alas what are we turning to be..??

We are all born to be happy but the definition of being happy is now grossly distorted. Man is seeking pleasure through Addictions, Violence, Lying, Distrust and materialistic indulgence at the cost of family, health and relationships. What is the outcome? Very weak value system, blind competition no time to use discernment, blindly copying the west and transient pleasures.

The best excuse you hear from children and even grown ups is everyone is doing it. I am not doing wrong there are even worse things around  

We associate a lot of attributes with animals..snake will bite, monkey will will swim..birds will fly…but do we have any attributes at all associated with human beings that will apply across this species?? TRUST, HONESTY,COMMITMENT,CARE Kosher speech….?? 

We speak about mathematics, science music arts in college but today we need classes for character building /meditations for kids so that they can bloom to be what god intended human beings to be… honest, compassionate, righteous and loving individuals practicing kosher speech.

Lots of love to all of you 


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