Are YOU SELFISH??….oh yes I am and simply loving it :P


Are YOU SELFISH??….oh yes I am and simply loving it  

Words like self love ,self centered and selfish draw out such a negative picture of any person. Since childhood we have been inspired to be self less in love , in relationships to show our care and concern for others at the cost of self…but just wait and think for a moment can you keep people happy if you are not happy? 
I know many of you will say yes ..but truly introspect and is not possible in the true sense.

Practicing self love, self compassion and self satisfaction is the biggest way to get in alignment with the source. Unless you are happy you can’t keep others happy. Happiness is what we are living for right? You want more and more and more of love, money, job, food, clothing, salary,…….for what???? Happiness!!

Expressing love for self is the best way to align with source as you are a part of the source and so is everyone else. Every time you are happy/joyous/blissful you are more aligned with source..ever felt how appreciating someone from heart can make you have goosebumps why because it feels good..why helping someone feels good?..why a hug feels awesome? why a comedy movie is fun to watch together? All this is nothing to do with others it is adding to your happiness  

Similarly by practicing criticism, anger, grudges addictions (smoking/drinking/drugs) hurting others you are actually moving away from your own happiness and you get de-aligned with source. 

When you understand that life is all about YOU the meaning of life will change. If each one of us takes the ownership of our own happiness who will be sad?? The world will be full of happy selfish people 

Also when you understand how important your happiness is for yourself you will be able to respect the importance of other’s happiness for their own goals, desires and life.

Love Yourself as YOU are part of that Flawless Source.Image

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