As I share my posts with each one of you , the mystery of the universe unfolds and believe me it is just fantastic the revelations of that was always there is just an introduction to the inner knowing. The knowledge just pours in from places that were always around but I never thought them to exist. It is actually fun expecting magic to happen everyday and there it happens. Wish you all so much love for being a part of it.

So here is a revelation on our THOUGHTS it is not a big write up but it was fun as it was getting clear while I was writing it…

Everything in the universe is vibrating….so actually we are looking at different vibrational levels  (people, objects, colors) …The fastest vibratory motion in the world is a thought.. nothing gets formed or destroyed so everything actually is in 7 yrs each and every cell of our body is destroyed so we are under transformation constantly now you see an opportunity in getting over your health issues..there is nothing as forever lets explain about RELATIONSHIPS….all relationships we are in right now , are just thoughts …your wife, your children your girlfriend….just close your eyes and how do you feel about them is just your thoughts ???..whatever has happened to u until this moment in your entire life is…… just THOUGHTS..we experience everyone through our mind in our thoughts…the beauty of it is that the thought is YOURS…the moment you stop being judgmental and be yourself and just be LOVE feel LOVE and COMPASSION you can transcend to be any miracle you want. The pureness of your thought can control matter at any time you want to….. YOUR THOUGHTS are responsible for your life condition so each one of us can make a masterpiece of our lives isn’t it simple and wonderful. You are not a victim of your external life circumstances instead you are a creator a powerful co creator your partner being the source, god or divine.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE BECAUSE OF YOUR THOUGHTS – circumstances do not make you they just reveal you


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