Shhhh ……Work In Progress…..


Hey see I am too old to change now…uhmm okay live with it or leave … 🙂 Sounds familiar right???

Many times you keep hearing it is difficult to change habits or people when they get matured and so they live their rest of life just the way they want to. As a healer asking people to change eating habits or introduce meditation or certain lifestyle change in life is like a huge transformation expectation and then again the same subtle push back saying mam I have lived my whole life this way it will take time to change.

Interesting fact is we never were or will be formed completely as every day certain physical part goes through a change , cells die and regenerate. Our liver is completely brand new in 6-8 weeks 🙂 our skin changes in few weeks and we have a new one so actually we are always a work in progress copy of what we think we are. 

Emotionally we generate 60,000 thoughts a day and they keep changing too from one vision frame to another we constantly keep generating thoughts so in a nut shell I am not the same as I was yesterday nor I will be same as tomorrow we are WORK IN PROGRESS till the end of this physical body.

Changes are hard to make in a finished product but anything that is work in progress can change with ease 🙂 So stop giving excuse and be committed to manifest your own greatness make the best of YOU ❤

Lots and Lots of Love ❤ SargamImage


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