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Inner Conversations – Himalayan Sojourn


The Study lamp is on, the writing desk all lined up awaiting the new article. The previous blogs have mostly been on Health and Healing so wanted to just do a general heart to heart with all of you specially after this beautiful travel.This month has started with a very exciting travel schedule.My Journey to one of the most amazing spiritual destination in the Himalayas.This blog is my inner conversations during the stay at the spiritual abode of lord Vishnu The Badrinath Dham. The Himalayas has been the meditation place for many Spiritual gurus, enlightened beings and in Hindu Mythology it is the abode of Lord Shiva and has a huge spiritual significance. It is said till date there are millions of Sages still meditating to help the evolution of humanity. Sargam_neelkanth

The Neelkanth Peaksatopanth glacier sargam

Sato Panth Glacier

During the trip there was so much for me to absorb and experience that there was a subtle anxiety, yes anxiety , this journey will end soon ; there was a resistance to leave the place . Somewhere a wish that this experience should continue for long as I seriously didn’t want this to end. The serenity and energies of the place are extremely energizing and healing. Many Spiritual seekers have met enlightened beings en route Badrinath Dham, modern mystic of our time Sri M (Book: Apprenticed to a Himalayan Yogi), Yogiraj Siddhanath (Book:Wings of Freedom), Yogananda Paramhansa (Book:Auto biography of a Yogi) all have a written account of their journey in their books while traveling to this spiritual heaven. Iinterestinglythis trip was in my to do list but this will happen so suddenly I had no idea. The trip was an invitation from friend but today I can only appreciate the way this trip happened. The picture below is the Temple of Sri Badrinath this place has a lot of reference and connection with Hindu Epic Mahabharata. Badrinath-sargam trip

Badrinath Temple – India

The natural beauty is so mesmerizing that I was just busy absorbing nature, mountains, rivers and valleys. Just picture perfect every landscape had a story to tell. I could just keep looking in one direction for hours in great awe and love. I really wanted to experience meditation in this Tapobhumi (land of meditation and penance) thousands of great yogis and sages and even gods have meditated in this land. To share the same energy was a blessing, I pulled myself together and sat down to meditate and tune in to the vortex of energies.

Our mind is amazing it keeps us so occupied through the 5 senses that you want to continue see, hear the birds and feel the cool breeze. It was so difficult for me to close the eyes but at last I decided I will not open my eyes and sit and meditate and connect within.I was so full of gratitude and reverence. Initially all the stories of Mahavtar babaji, Shiva Ji , Vishnu Ji and Pandavas were flashing in my mind then gradually the anxiety to expect miracles disappeared. I was there with my Being.

The following conversation was an outcome of my interactions during the Journey and while introspection.

No Matter How Weak or Small we Appear as God’s Creation we are Source in all its Magnificence

In the vastness of the mighty mountains and open sky we appear as minuscule creation of God but we are part of the hologram which is called the Source/God/Allah/Rab 🙂 it is upto us what we do with this truth. We can either go into denial and detriment our own growth or build upon the truth and manifest our greatness.

We All have a Unique Place in the Web of the Universe

Every person every being in this space time reality is perfect in its own way, there is no need to judge the journey and expansion of others instead focus on our own expansion. There is no competition and there is ample space for everyone.However since the childhood we are told we have to be better than others and it makes our life miserable trust me we all are blessed with our unique gifts.We are a living spirit just discovering our own potential every day.

Source is Abundance and So Are We

Just like every piece of the apple pie has the essence of the apple it is made of we all have the essence of source within us. Most of us worship this essence in others and create a separation between God and ourselves. We ourselves have created a separation of what is God and what is not. However if we look from the eyes of Source/God everything has come from the Source and hence is Source in its essence. So I am no less a Source you are and you are no less Source than I am. The ego automatically gets battered and exits.

Lining up with Our Being NOW is the Key to Bliss

Time is an illusion in the third dimension it creates a separation between past , present and future however if we see from higher dimension perspective every moment is about NOW; Most of us look for an escape from living the life in Present instead we want to dwell in the past or plan for the future. The one most important revelation was aligning with our being in every moment. Accepting ourselves instead of waiting for the perfect version to show up in the future. This always creates an illusion of the gap, an illusion that there is a distance between you and your perfect reality thereby creating anxiety, grief and repentance.

“I am in every moment of my life in perfect harmony , the divine perfectly aligns my life to the infinite power that lies within me”

You can find the picture album of the journey:


Lots of Love -Sargam

DNA Activation and Chakra Clearing …Our Gateway to Higher Consciousness


Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a nucleic acid that contains all the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living things.  The main role of DNA is the long-term storage of information.  DNA is often compared to a set of blueprints since it contains the instructions needed to construct other components of cells.  The DNA segments that carry genetic information are called genes, but other DNA sequences have structural purposes or are involved in regulating the use of genetic information.


Our DNA is our personal blueprint and contains all our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual information.  The original Human Being had 12 Strands of DNA actively working and maintaining the full function of the Human as a Spiritual Being.  With our over preoccupation with left brained thinking and the closing down of our heart centers, these ‘extra’ DNA strands have been lost.  The consequences of this loss are that we live in a spiritually deficient society and our intuitive and healing abilities have been hugely reduced.  It has also resulted in us only accessing and using a very limited part of our brain.

To transcend in Human form is a blessing as out body holds a wealth of information, wisdom and knowledge on every aspect of ourselves, our universe and all of life.  Inside our bodies we have the formulas required to replicate all other form of intelligence throughout the universe.

When a child is conceived it receives two different bloodlines from the parents certain matched and paired genes these genes hold the light codes( there are 64 light codes in a human DNA out of which only 20 are active light codes.)The light codes give us the highest opportunity for accessing and developing our Spiritual abilities and for healing the damaged and wounded aspects of our Soul.

At the same time these genes hold memories which have created blocks to our path to oneness and initiated our deep-rooted feelings of separation, separation from our true essence and Source.  This memory of separation has forced us to created experiences and situations where we are given the opportunity to heal ourselves, our world and our separations.

There are so many times when I see people expressing discomfort with the family they were born to or the country they were born in without realizing that it was purely their decision to be in these circumstances. A soul has to constantly evolve in order to experience its expansion.The soul chooses its parents and family , the time and place of birth to undergo an experience in the human form. This causes the healing of the soul and its expansion. 

As a Soul we carefully picked and chose our parents and their bloodlines in order to facilitate experiences and situations that will enable us to heal ourselves.  We have therefore handpicked our own DNA structures and the possible opportunities to activate and awaken further strands of DNA.

The energy of our Earth is moving through major vibrational shifts and into higher levels of consciousness.  There is an increase in the earth’s vibration and this is what we experienced on 21st Dec 2012 and we will experience consecutive shifts in coming 20 -25 years triggering our ascension.

One of the most exciting aspects of our evolutionary process is the retooling of our DNA.  Cosmic light encoded rays from our Creator have been coming into our Earth stimulating change and reordering our Human bodies.  As the light encoded filaments are absorbed into our being our scattered DNA is being activated and reformed into new helixes or strands of DNA and being reordered into bundles.

As this rebundling and reordering progresses we create a more evolved nervous system that facilitates new information and data to move into our consciousness.  Many of our dormant brain cells are being activated and we are being able to access our full body potential.  As our bodies fill with more light so our memories are opened and we evolve as our DNA evolves into conscious Multidimensional Beings.


Our 12 strands of DNA activate and connect to our 12 Chakra points, energy doorways through which we access our Spiritual heritage.  The 12 strands of DNA serve as links through the 12 chakras to the energy web outside of our bodies.  The 12 chakras act as energetic doorways into our body connecting us to the vital forces of existence.  It is through opening and activating these portals of energy that we can begin to truly know ourselves.  As all 12 strands of DNA are now forming, whatever issues we have not dealt with and peacefully cleared in our personal history, will create chaos.  Feelings and memories are emerging offering us an opportunity to experience the fabric of our being and revealing who we are through the events and beliefs that are intricately woven into us.

Our task is to awaken, activate and unite all 12 creating the spinning of the 12.  This spinning of the 12 strands of DNA and 12 chakra points will draw to us energies that will intermingle and move throughout our beings activating and awakening the many different aspects of ourselves.  This will trigger new versions, understandings and meanings to all the events in our lives and our world.  

By opening our hearts and minds all the answers to the great mysteries will be found within.  We are required to step out of our current belief systems and to create new belief systems as the mind is structured to evolve and form our experiences based on what we command.  Our mind is not our master; we are the masters of our own minds.  The mind is but a tool to be used to create reality and nothing more.

By consciously working with the waves of energy and light moving into our Earth, we are able to realize and understand that the transformation of this planet is based upon the healing and power of our minds.

Activating the full 12 DNA strands will create a connection between our human genetic coding and give us access to all knowledge and wisdom.  This is the awareness and understanding of who we truly are.

There is amazing work done by Gregg Bradden in God Code here is a short reference: 

A coded message has been found within the molecules of life, deep within the DNA in each cell of our bodies. In this book what we once believed of our past is about to change. Through a remarkable discovery linking Biblical alphabets to our genetic code, the ‘language of life’ may now be read as the ancient letters of a timeless message. This message is the same in each cell of every man, woman, and child, past and present. During his extensive 12-year study of the most sacred and honored traditions of humankind he has discovered tangible and unprecedented evidence that we are all part of a greater existence.

Also we are not stuck with the DNA as per the recent research in Epigenetics it is seen that the DNA can be changed excerpt from The Spontaneous Healing of Belief by Gregg Bradden

“The DNA of life is a code that may be changed by choice! The implications of these discoveries are vast, powerful, and to some, even a little frightening. They show us that beyond reasonable doubt, we are capable of changing the course of our lives, our world, and even altering reality, if we choose. It is these seemingly miraculous abilities that make it possible for us to heal from cancer and the suffering of AIDS, experience extended life spans, create life-affirming joy and abundance, and much more.” –

Love Sargam

The article has references from spirit pathways and work of Gregg Bradden and pictures are downloaded from internet 

Understanding Your Shadow Self


“The higher the sun rises, the less shadow it casts.” – Lao Tzu

Image This has been an interesting topic for me as for few years with careful observations into people life, their behaviors and psychology , I realized that every person has a dark side to him/her. This is the person lesser known to people around and is also less familiar to the person himself/herself. With years of practice they have mastered the art of concealing this shadow self. This shadow is always there with us and I am sure we hear it during our weakest moments. Understanding our shadow self is a journey that take us to the heart of the duality that exists within each one of us. It is the split between the higher self and the lower nature; a split between emotional pain and spiritual liberation.

Our ego likes to think that we are inherently good human beings and we don’t dwell in any negativity. But then one day when somebody hurts us, we go overboard with anger and resentment. In another situation, if we experience failure or someone unexpectedly points a finger at us, we are suddenly filled with fear, confusion and guilt. Our first instinct in such situations usually is to defend ourselves and protect our identity.

This storehouse of emotions in your shadow has an immense role to play in your relationship with yourself, particularly in setting yourself free. The world is simply a mirror, reflecting back to us our own inner state. If you are overflowing with love for yourself and others, you’ll experience people who are feeling this love and their love is reflected back towards you. On the other hand, if all you see in your outer world is disharmony, anger and fights, then there must be an inner battle happening deeper inside. ImageEvery aspect of our self that we have denied, every thought and feeling that we think are unacceptable eventually makes itself known in our lives. We have mastered the art of locking our feelings (negative) and we consciously ignore them and move forward in life. These unattended feelings and tendencies then emerge when we least expect them and destroy our lives, reputation and hard work in minutes. The shadow is very much a part of you, if we can accept it and love it without being judgmental or resentful it can lead to deeper understanding of your soul. So many of us have walked the hall of shame due to these shadows taking over our lives and made us live a life of misery and pain for years.

Awareness and acceptance is the only way to improve. We can start confronting and dealing with our shadow selves in our day to day life by being aware; a short Q n A for our shadow aspect can help us understand what needs to be worked on as nicely illustrated by a friend Teal Scott (she carries out shadow house series) For any strong negative thought just go ahead asking the following questions in the order it best suits: 1. What does it mean to you? 2. Why will that be so bad? Once you drill down you will realize the negative thought /strong dislike or hate for a person or the action is closely linked with your shadow self and needs to be worked within rather than asking or expecting the other person to change. As a next article if you like we can do a sample shadow work; feel free to post your queries and will be happy to work it out together – Love Sargam


EASY – The Mantra to Happiness and Fulfilling Relationships


“Nothing comes Easy in Life ”  “You have to work hard to create and sustain Relationships” “Life is never Easy” Do these phrase sound familiar?? This is how we have been programmed since childhood that life is meant to be a struggle and we should be prepared always. if you have ever been in Love you will understand when we are in a Relationship that is easy time flies by beautifully where as when we are struggling it feels we have been there for ages.

This is the beauty of EASE ; a fulfilling life is when we can live a life with Ease because it is then we are actually living.If I had to describe A Fulfilling Life” in one word?  it would be “EASY” , yes anything and everything that is easy to sustain over time will always last longer. The ease with which you can start a conversation, the ease with which you can just be your natural self , the ease with which you can love people this Ease is what makes it click. 🙂

Let us answer this one questions: Why is it that we are sometimes nicer to strangers than we are to loved ones?

Shouldn’t marriage and relationships lighten our load, not add to our burden? Because if it were the latter, why in the world would any of us sign up for something like this?

Perhaps the problem is that many times we get troubled by a lot of the unnecessary parts of relationships and lose focus on the essentials. In a consistent effort of making things work , we try to go out of our ways to do things we do not like just to make things work and the result is ? It actually does not work out in the long run.

Being happy is being at EASE, you just have to find what/who makes you at Ease 🙂

Gratitude 🙂 Sargam

Shhhh ……Work In Progress…..


Hey see I am too old to change now…uhmm okay ..so live with it or leave … 🙂 Sounds familiar right???

Many times you keep hearing it is difficult to change habits or people when they get matured and so they live their rest of life just the way they want to. As a healer asking people to change eating habits or introduce meditation or certain lifestyle change in life is like a huge transformation expectation and then again the same subtle push back saying mam I have lived my whole life this way it will take time to change.

Interesting fact is we never were or will be formed completely as every day certain physical part goes through a change , cells die and regenerate. Our liver is completely brand new in 6-8 weeks 🙂 our skin changes in few weeks and we have a new one so actually we are always a work in progress copy of what we think we are. 

Emotionally we generate 60,000 thoughts a day and they keep changing too from one vision frame to another we constantly keep generating thoughts so in a nut shell I am not the same as I was yesterday nor I will be same as tomorrow we are WORK IN PROGRESS till the end of this physical body.

Changes are hard to make in a finished product but anything that is work in progress can change with ease 🙂 So stop giving excuse and be committed to manifest your own greatness make the best of YOU ❤

Lots and Lots of Love ❤ SargamImage