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Who are you? I AM…….


This is one of the most profound question ever to be asked from ourselves . I was in this beautiful workshop in Lucknow India on 22nd September 2013 (MCKS Arhatic Yoga) and there was an exercise that was done in partners where one partner asked the other “Who Are You” and the other person had to answer this like a hundred times and every time a different answer. We all started with our ego selves with our name, designation , family and then after like 10 replies the ego got exhausted and then there was this beautiful realization when I think my inner being (soul) took over and the answers changed from separateness to oneness so gradually ….I AM the universe, I Am the Source, I Am the infinite possibilities that exist, I AM a child of GOD, I AM GOD 🙂

This Shift from Separateness to Oneness changed my idea of Who I AM. Yesterday came across this beautiful illustration shared by Alexa Apples a wonderful lady and it beautifully summarizes my thought and was the reason for this blog.


You are a spiritual being a divine creation of GOD ; you have all the reason to feel happy and special.

“What Follows I AM Follows You”

Lots of Love Sargam

EASY – The Mantra to Happiness and Fulfilling Relationships


“Nothing comes Easy in Life ”  “You have to work hard to create and sustain Relationships” “Life is never Easy” Do these phrase sound familiar?? This is how we have been programmed since childhood that life is meant to be a struggle and we should be prepared always. if you have ever been in Love you will understand when we are in a Relationship that is easy time flies by beautifully where as when we are struggling it feels we have been there for ages.

This is the beauty of EASE ; a fulfilling life is when we can live a life with Ease because it is then we are actually living.If I had to describe A Fulfilling Life” in one word?  it would be “EASY” , yes anything and everything that is easy to sustain over time will always last longer. The ease with which you can start a conversation, the ease with which you can just be your natural self , the ease with which you can love people this Ease is what makes it click. 🙂

Let us answer this one questions: Why is it that we are sometimes nicer to strangers than we are to loved ones?

Shouldn’t marriage and relationships lighten our load, not add to our burden? Because if it were the latter, why in the world would any of us sign up for something like this?

Perhaps the problem is that many times we get troubled by a lot of the unnecessary parts of relationships and lose focus on the essentials. In a consistent effort of making things work , we try to go out of our ways to do things we do not like just to make things work and the result is ? It actually does not work out in the long run.

Being happy is being at EASE, you just have to find what/who makes you at Ease 🙂

Gratitude 🙂 Sargam

Your Life is your STORY choose how you want to tell :)



This is an Interesting Title I am not sure if you can guess what this is about 🙂 . I just happen to read a post,  “When you learn HOW to suffer, you suffer much less!” Most of our life incidents become a story especially the bad ones , I mean when we are really put to test. The suffering from the unpleasant experience alone is enough to create a turbulence in mind and heart but it gets worse when we marinate it. 



Focus on life stories that make you smile , that make your heart fill with love and gratitude it will help you and others as well by attracting more happy things in life.