Who are you? I AM…….


This is one of the most profound question ever to be asked from ourselves . I was in this beautiful workshop in Lucknow India on 22nd September 2013 (MCKS Arhatic Yoga) and there was an exercise that was done in partners where one partner asked the other “Who Are You” and the other person had to answer this like a hundred times and every time a different answer. We all started with our ego selves with our name, designation , family and then after like 10 replies the ego got exhausted and then there was this beautiful realization when I think my inner being (soul) took over and the answers changed from separateness to oneness so gradually ….I AM the universe, I Am the Source, I Am the infinite possibilities that exist, I AM a child of GOD, I AM GOD 🙂

This Shift from Separateness to Oneness changed my idea of Who I AM. Yesterday came across this beautiful illustration shared by Alexa Apples a wonderful lady and it beautifully summarizes my thought and was the reason for this blog.


You are a spiritual being a divine creation of GOD ; you have all the reason to feel happy and special.

“What Follows I AM Follows You”

Lots of Love Sargam

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