Standards do not define you ; YOU ARE A WOMAN


I have always been really happy being born as a girl child to my parents it was like the best thing that happened to them πŸ™‚ . We are two sisters and our parents did their best to raise us with good values and best of education and encouraged us to practice our free will to choose what we wanted to aspire for.

My parents ensured that we get the best of education and we went to the best of school in the city. Being a girl or a woman felt to be really a gift from god and I still feel it is today. As I moved from school to college I started observing a lot of change around may be I started paying more attention to the discrimination that my friends told they felt in their families specially growing up with their brothers. I was a lot into my dream world since child hood ;drawing, painting, dancing and music was what I enjoyed after my studies. My sister enjoyed helping my mom in kitchen and my mom insisted that I also help her as when I got married the kitchen would be my priority πŸ™‚

STOP TRYING Just be yourself

I never realized about these things till I was suppose to get married that even with a wonderful education background, a good paying job there was always a scrutiny on will I be a good Wife/Mother/Daughter in Law?? and I am sure this is with so many others like me….

A woman has to look good, speak good, keep the house good , keep the family happy , be sociable …………and the list is endless once all this is taken care she can work and do what she likes πŸ™‚ The report card of our progress always has a scope of lots of improvement πŸ™‚ as we have an impossible expectation from ourselves.

Oprah Winfrey

There are standards that have been defined to evaluate a woman on every parameter that society thinks is a must do. Sadly most of us are still struggling to prove our worth to our own families by trying to balance the work and home. I have been working closely with women and as I myself is balancing both I know there can never be full justice to both these roles always. But this does not decrease our own self worth ; “We cannot make others happy if We are not happy”.

We need to define our own self worth and if people love you they will understand and make changes in their life and if they don’t there is no reason for you to think so much πŸ™‚ We also have to stand for each other so wherever you are help and encourage women to shine and grow and be happy; we need that love and support to discover our own self.


A lovely article by Teal Swan ; it is not only women in India but across globe facing similar challenges

Work and Womanhood

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