Get Well Soon :) :P


Perfect timing for this article when I am combating fever, tonsillitis and an acute headache and enjoying some silent sarcasm when people say heal yourself or hey you are unwell… Healers, Doctors and Alternate medicine practitioners also fall sick let me be modest and accept Yeah we do fall sick 🙂 but we recover faster as we understand the energetic significance of falling sick.

The widely latched on theory by French Scientist Louis Pasteur in 19th century called the germ theory of disease has been guiding theory for all modern medicine system. Pasteur later on ruled out his own theory saying that germs cannot cause a disease if an underlying reason was not present.


It is the cell environment milieuthat determines what type of germs and how many of them attach to the organic matter. Saying bacteria or virus cause disease is like saying flies cause garbage. This is not true.

Energetically when there is obstruction in free flow of energy due to negativity in our system the body is out of alignment and the cells start decaying and generate perfect conditions for toxicity levels to increase in our body alluring bacteria to thrive and multiply.

Alignment is the only cure for our body and our job is to do whatever it takes to bring the body in alignment. Our body is perfectly designed to be healthy and not ill, so you have to be true to your body and create the perfect conditions for alignment with your thoughts words and actions. Symptom oppression is not healing, symptoms that trigger discomfort in the body are actually helping the body to achieve homeostasis for e.g. fever is our body defense mechanism to generate disease fighting microbes, tonsils is swelling of glands that is a defense mechanism for germs to get inside the body. It is the cough that helps in expelling the germs off your body and by suppressing it you are doing harm to your own body.

Release your resistance to be sick, as what you resist persists, change your thoughts from why you should not be sick to why it is okay to be sick. We are a wonderful creation sometimes we just need to appreciate the magnificence even during adverse conditions. I hope after reading this article we all will enjoy our own private sick times.

I enjoyed every bit of this rest and writing this article 🙂


Lots of Love -Sargam ❤



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