ACL Post-Surgery 11 weeks


It was nice to connect with Nina for providing distance pranic healing for her post ACL surgery. Wish her all the very best !! Love

Nina Elise Yoga

Almost 3 months post-op! Summary is below 🙂

11-week Recap

  • Saw my surgeon on Monday – he said my knee looked great! Still a little swelling, but it should go away soon. The pain under my knee cap is caused by weakness in my quad, and it will eventually go away. No running till 16 weeks – my surgeon said even professional athletes that do rehab every day shouldn’t be running till 16 weeks – too much risk of stretching out the graft.
  • The part of my leg that is numb and looks all vein-y and weird when I workout – just caused by damaged nerves. My surgeon said it takes up to 9 months to get full feeling back.
  • Surgeon also said I could wear heels now if I wanted – he said it just depends on if I am willing to risk wearing them! Obviously more risk of…

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