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Belief Versus Knowing – Manifesting Made EASY :)



I had a brief discussion sometime back with a dear one and yes I was just so impressed with these two words that I immediately put it on Facebook.I received  good response to that post but then there was more to the meaning of these two power words that we use very often in the spiritual world. I was able to link it to an understanding Why few people are able to manifest easily than others. And I wanted to infact was excited to  just share it with Likeminds family 🙂

Okay let us begin with a small explanation of these two words:

‘Believing’ means that you have chosen a truth, but ‘knowing’ means that you are certain about that truth.

2. ‘Believing’ always leaves room for doubt, but ‘knowing’ leads to confidence.

3. ‘Believing’ is blind trust, while ‘knowing’ is trusting with awareness.

Now you must be thinking okay SO WHAT? I already know the above 😛 keeping it simple and moving on to the crux of manifesting;

Getting past of belief system into knowing brings you closer to making your dreams come true. It works under all circumstances whether it is healing your body, healing your relationships, making your dreams come true and making your life the way you want to.

How does this work? It is all about moving your thoughts from wishing to have -> to believing you have -> to knowing you have it.

So you can make it happen by a simple response I KNOW that is it the most simple formula for manifesting anything and everything in life!!