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Listen to The Music of Your Heart -Your Partner for Life


Our heart is the only partner for life ; but we keep chasing people for a life long partnership πŸ™‚ and end up with heart aches and heart breaks πŸ˜› . The heart is the first organ that is created in a fetus and works till our last breath non stop.


Heart’s magnetic and electric field are much stronger than that of the brain and that is the reason your heart is the best compass to tell your vibration state. The higher your vibration the stronger is the field you generate to attract wonderful people and good circumstances in your life. If you feel what you are attracting in life is not what you desire just change the music of your heart from sad to happy πŸ™‚ raise your vibration by doing what you love, be with people whom you love and love your self. πŸ™‚

Your heart sings when it is happy and this music that your heart radiates sets a vibration heard and felt throughout the Universe. Radiate what you want from the Universe… Love, Abundance, Togetherness , Health anything …

You sing from your heart and HE will ensure it is granted.

Be Yourself Everyone else Is Taken :)


One of the major issues I see around is we are all trying to be ,act and behave like someone else. We are losing our own identity to get an approval from others because of fear of rejection. We wear armors to shield our true nature, we are living two lives one for the world and one within the house.Β 

So most of the people are super hit in external circles but super failures at home in their day to day roles as they cannot survive with that projected image 24/7. The formula for success is JUST BE YOURSELF and you will be able to attract the people who love you for who you are.

The Universe has made each one of us unique and that is the reason no two people are exactly the same in all aspects. If you understand this simple thing then just embrace yourself, shed of that armor and be you. Let your inner light shine bright.