The Lost Virtues


In school during the moral science classes children are given amazing lessons on honesty, building a good character and becoming a good and responsible human being. As a child I loved my Moral Science classes when the teacher used to tell us stories on character building. Also I loved the Jatak Kathas and Panchtantra they were full of stories on how one should lead a good life be kind and helpful. These lessons end during junior school and then we enter senior school ,and then college. All of us are engrossed in the rat race of getting good marks , competing against friends and classmates to live our parent’s dreams. Somewhere in the journey these moral science lessons are shelved as they do not get us marks or any competitive edge.

But when we enter the corporate world we find that the mission statement of every company has the core value as Honesty. The value of honesty in business has obvious and subtle implications. Somewhere I was reading the “Corporate Ethics Isn’t About Rules; It’s About Honesty”

And I was wondering how much do we understand this statement in real life. When more than 85% people are living their lives suffocating their authentic selves under mask of “I am fine” or “I need to please all” and sometimes it is all about not being vulnerable for the fear of rejection or acceptance.

Masks quote sargam mishra

Honesty is the process of recognizing, accepting and expressing our authentic, true self. And this process starts with you. Nothing is more important than being honest with your self. Life is all about living your true authentic self, be vulnerable, be true and encourage people to air their dirty laundry in public.

Most of us go through an internal war between “Openness and Privacy” what is the right mix?How much to disclose how much to hide? This evaluation constantly happens in our head. Most of us spend our lives in such evaluation instead of living a fulfilling life.

For people to be open, we must embrace trust. When you don’t really know how to trust, this can be tricky. Because people have soft spots, triggers, topics that are more painful to deal with.From this perspective we can see how privacy is desired, but I also see how the desire to find someone who you do feel comfortable enough to trust is a permission slip to fall into openness.

People usually go through a guilt trip when they reminisce about the times when they had mask their true selves to live a life for approval and acceptance. Instead of getting in a loop by resisting the truth it is better to accept the past.This can create and honesty while simultaneously remaining in a positive vibration (which creates positive manifestation in your life) is… “I have not always acted honestly in the past, this causes me to know that I desire to act honestly now and in the future because integrity feels good and I’m often making choices in my life with integrity such as_________”.

This has to become a regular practice to break free of the shackles of living someone else’s life. Explore your self live a fulfilling life and be the best version of your self.

You have one life!!

Love Sargam

Honesty Quote Sargam Mishra Inner Alchemy

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