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‘Power of Intention’ Series 4


Day 6 New Beginnings 2016 Sargam Mishra Beauty Quotes John Keats

Day 6: Beautiful thoughts build a beautiful soul.

The fourth face of intention is “Beauty” the creative, kind and loving force can be nothing but beautiful.Truth exists in the creation of everything and as John Keats writes in his poem, Ode on Grecian Urn beauty and truth are one and the same thing. As you become receptive to seeing and feeling beauty all around you, you become attuned to the creative “Power of Intention” in the universe including yourself.

Life is nothing but beautiful

Day 7 New Beginnings 2016 Sargam Mishra ExpansionQuotes Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Day 7: Where attention goes energy flows

The 5th face of ‘Intention’ is “Expansion”, you will notice where ever you put your intention, it will occupy a place in your mind/ thoughts. What you focus on has a tendency to grow in life. So today if you are brooding over your unhappy life situation, an unstable bank balance, a broken relationship or your ill health the fact is it will trigger a chain of similar thoughts leading to worry and unhappiness. This will weaken your connection with source and power of intention.

So put your attention to what you want in life rather than, what you do not want, for happiness to manifest in your life. Being grateful helps you to put the passive force of materialization into action. You do not have to tell people how grateful you are instead it is most important to feel this gratitude deep within yourself.

Words that are not in sync with feelings have very less significance, this is the reason we need to regularly do the MCKS Twin Hearts meditation and feel the prayer. This is also why Law of Attraction, Affirmations etc do not work because what you think and what you say are not in alignment.

These 21 days of group meditation is a beautiful opportunity to sow the seeds of Gratitude within your heart for it to bloom with new possibilities in 2016.

Lots of Love!

Sargam Mishra

The Transformation Within – When I could no longer walk GOD gave me wings to fly


I have been writing a lot on Relationships lately and I see a certain level of comfort when healing relationship issues during my healing sessions . Many a times healers and intuitive choose to experience the pain and suffering to set their own examples because when you have actually been in the position of the other person you can give a sound advise as it comes from within.

I know my life journey has been really interesting and the life lessons that I wanted to learn was “love” for my own self and what I expected from others so I ended up in situations where people mirrored what I felt about myself and about love. A single long term relationship brought in a plethora of life experiences good bad ugly all of it and still continues to help in my expansion. I ventured into areas where i could have never dared to 🙂 I have also learned that people never change and when they bring immense pain in life it is better to leave rather than expecting miracles. Sometimes leaving may not feel a great choice and may be very painful but with time gradually things will be laid out in a way where exiting the relationship will be the only choice.


0101you gave

When I could no longer walk God gave me wings to fly

With passing time I am getting more and more comfortable with what life has offered me as my transformation journey could not have been possible unless I went through the pain and suffering I did. Today there is nothing to hide or cover up as I feel people have just been postmen in delivering the experiences that I was suppose to have. I was lifted up when I was really battered up and put back on track of spiritual path.

I had people from various school of thoughts coming into my life to deliver wonderful messages , I was amazed as they were from quite a varied age group and backgrounds and it helped me understand the deeper meaning of myself and my life purpose. A special gratitude for all of them.


I was guided into a conversation lately as I am going through spirals of experiences myself for a prolonged time. Even people on spiritual path have their high n lows the only difference is that they no longer get sucked into the situation.

Happiness is what is our natural state of being but most of us are in pursuit of that happiness here ,there everywhere but one of my spiritual guru beautifully summed up the success of being in the third dimension or being incarnated in physical form as below:

1. Taking up a human form
2. Knowing your life purpose
3. Connecting with higher beings or evolved people and ultimately Source

Rest all is a paraphernalia to keep this journey interesting , our job , family and social interactions etc are all there to keep us engaged but yes we have to get involved and give our best and earn our karma points but finally you have to return to Source (God) sooner or later 🙂

So what you see today is truly inner alchemy, It is wonderful to get messages from friends, acquaintances and from people across globe who read and appreciate these blogs and follow me on social sites.

Pain is expansion, it helps us to evolve rapidly so every time we are in pain it is a moment of self evaluation and opportunity for improvement. We are all here to realize our own Buddha nature, the divine within and be love…”It is a collective journey of individual expansion” I am helping you and you are helping me whether it is through love or pain or arrogance 🙂


Gratitude Infinite – Sargam

ACCEPTANCE first step to Change :)


When we make a mistake and keep justifying in order to avoid embarrassment we actually lead ourselves to more mistakes. Acceptance leads to expansion , when we accept things, life and people as they are we release resistance.

We do not get better by overriding or overcoming our difficulties.  We get better by understanding and accepting them. Acceptance is a stepping stone to a change to a new and better you and your world.Image

Accept the past as past, without denying it or discarding it. Reminisce about it, but do not live in it. Learn from it, but do not punish yourself about it or continually regret it. Most of all, do not get stuck in it… move forward. Each day brings you closer to your well-deserved destiny.”

Lots of Love Sargam 🙂