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Letting Go and Let In God


“Letting Go and Let In God”

We think that holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to let go. When you Let Go of people, situations, anger, resentment from your life you create a space for new.This does not come easy most of us give up on allowing new beginnings in life as there is a lot of doubt and fear of unknown. So we keep hanging on to old beliefs ,people and situations.

This is where we need to connect with the supreme “GOD”.When we surrender ourselves to God we can allow a bigger and stronger force to take care of us. We have a limited perception of life but HE can see beyond our fears. Today let us do the meditation with total surrender, just drop all the problems of your life and believe with your whole heart that someone much more powerful and stronger will take care of you.

“Allow the caterpillar within you to experience the magnificence of the butterfly.”

Exercise: before the meditation settle yourself and close your eyes. Now repeat silently “I Let Go and Let In God” till the anxiety within you is eased.Start with the Soul Affirmation and follow with the meditation.

Lots of love


ACCEPTANCE first step to Change :)


When we make a mistake and keep justifying in order to avoid embarrassment we actually lead ourselves to more mistakes. Acceptance leads to expansion , when we accept things, life and people as they are we release resistance.

We do not get better by overriding or overcoming our difficulties.  We get better by understanding and accepting them. Acceptance is a stepping stone to a change to a new and better you and your world.Image

Accept the past as past, without denying it or discarding it. Reminisce about it, but do not live in it. Learn from it, but do not punish yourself about it or continually regret it. Most of all, do not get stuck in it… move forward. Each day brings you closer to your well-deserved destiny.”

Lots of Love Sargam 🙂