Miracles – The Power of Faith, Healing and Blessings ( Anterior Cruciate Ligament Healing)


“Knowing there’s one thing I still haven’t told you: I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen. ” 
― Nicholas SparksA Walk to Remember

As a child I always believed there was something special that each one of us is blessed with. Each one of us is unique; we just have to understand the gifts we have. There was always a knowing that Source has a purpose to create us and he guides and navigates us to our higher purpose in ways that we least understand.

Today I am writing a story of a miracle ; I saw a comment on one of my blogs from a stranger and he asked me to add categories to my blog it was a fair point and I did that. I work for a TCS and a new assignment came in ; we were a team of two people working together. While speaking regarding work I realized he was the same person who had comment on my blog about adding categories. It was a coincidence as in my department there are like 500+ people and it was the two of us working together to accomplish a short assignment together 🙂

We spoke for work a couple of times and then we both connected on the topic of spirituality and Bhagvad Gita and meditation and then I spoke about my passion for energy work (Pranic Healing) . Gradually he also opened up and discussed about his injury Anterior Cruciate Ligament rupture (ACL) and that he was undergoing ACL surgery next month. here is a short write up on the injury:


ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is one of four knee ligaments that are critical to the stability of your knee joint. Your ACL is made of tough fibrous material and functions to control excessive knee motion by limiting joint mobility.Of the four major knee ligaments of the knee, an ACL injury or rupture is the most debilitating knee ligament injury.

A repair of the anterior cruciate ligament is rarely a possibility, and thus the ACL is reconstructed using another tendon or ligament to substitute for the torn ligament. There are several options for how to perform ACL surgery.The most significant choice is the type of graft used to reconstruct the torn ACL

He had an MRI done and had these sudden bouts of excruciating pain ; I did not ask much about the problem and asked if he would want to try healing .He agreed we had a formal discussion however he had already made his mind for surgery in January 2014 he had his appointments in place. We took a leap of faith as this was my first case with ACL and asked to give a month for healing. After every session we shared the experience and it was wonderful just wonderful. We did regular sessions from distance as he was in South of India and I was in Delhi (North) approx 1100 miles 🙂

There were times when his confidence went low due to sudden pain and there were long conversations of motivation. We jointly went through this journey of faith together , regular blessing prayers and healing. His operation was delayed by a month during this time we also met in Delhi had one to one session; meditated together, did blessings :).

He consulted his doctor and had his surgery scheduled for 26th Feb 2014 , I messaged him at night and wished him luck. Then around 12.30 noon he messages me that there was a camera inserted and there was no ACL damage detected it was a minor muscle tear in the meniscus (minor muscle) and hence no operation was needed 🙂

The doctors had the MRI report with them with the ACL damage mentioned and they had nothing to say and comment 🙂 Sometimes Science has no explanation for such extra ordinary happenings MIRACLES that is how they define it. I did not have words just that I was made a channel but this happening strengthen my faith and hence this BLOG.

Once Akhilesh is discharged he will have more to share , this is my thank you blog to SOURCE and for his faith. I wish him a wonderful life ahead 🙂  -Love Sargam

ImageThank you MCKS for the Pranic Healing Protocols 🙂

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  1. First of all, i would like to thank Sargam for all her love, support, affection, prayer and blessings.
    Its very kind of her to have taken keen interest in my healing and has been very passionate about the same.

    Our introduction has already been detailed by her and i will not repeat. All i can say is that the short assignment that was assigned to us was a blessing in disguise for us to “get connected”. While we completed the assignment successfully and well in time, we managed to make time for our discussions on the topics less talked and less believed.

    I am basically from Bangalore and have been a sportsperson most of my life so far and in one of my workout sessions, i had a twist of my knee, which apparently was suspected for an ACL(Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tear and subsequently diagnosed as the same by MRI reports. This was hard for me to believe and to take as well. And the only solution to this was a surgery which would require ACL reconstruction. I had taken multiple opinions for a prospective prevention of the surgery, but in vain. All of them were of the opinion that it required surgery.

    Along with my journey in profession and sports, i had been, from quite a couple of years ago experimenting to travel my own inward journey of self realization and spirituality. I always believed that all of us have “infinite sources of energy” within us and its up to us to ignite, trigger and receive them. There had been quite a few of small events and incidences for me, which proved that it is possible, but i could not settle with that.

    While at one instance, i could still not believe that i had a knee injury and had to undergo surgery, at another instance, my intuitive mind kept on saying that this difficulty is yet an another opportunity in guise. Without wasting much time, i immediately started experimenting and exploring the hidden faculties of the human being and started a blend of my own spiritual package, which was kind of a combo of breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation, teachings of the Gita, self hypnotism, visual imagination, training and tuning my mind etc. My surgery was planned a couple of weeks from the inception of my above thoughts and i decided i will postpone the surgery by a couple of weeks more.

    At this crucial juncture, i was “connected” with Sargam who had professional training under spiritual gurus. We started discussing more about this and she was kind enough to readily offer the help of pranic healing, meditation and blessings. Owing to the time constraint that i had, this was a kind of a turbo boost to me, which accelerated my healing multifold, which made me defy the basic math that one plus one is not always two but was much more,here in my case. And we started working together towards it.

    Finally the day of my scheduled surgery arrived and the night before that, Sargam had wished me good luck, sending a picture of Lord Krishna, which she knows, i like. I thanked her and said i will revert to her, once my procedure is done. While my conscious mind was occupied with all kinds of post surgical care that may be required, my sub-conscious and the super conscious were pleasantly smiling. And it was during the procedure the doctor whispered into my ears that there was no ACL tear and it was just a small procedure of removing the meniscus tear. My heart was filled with warmth and it was a spiritual experience of a different plane, and was nothing less than a miracle!!

    This entire episode started on the onset of this new year, which kept me thinking in one corner that this was not a very good start of the year. Now…today…i think, feel and believe that there could possibly not have been a better start of the year !!!

    Thank you, again, Sargam for all love, affection, prayer and blessings. God bless you with a wonderful life and help more people with your healings and a wonderful spiritual journey !!

    Cheers !! God bless all

    • Hi Nice to read. Just I have a question to Akhilesh. After this are you able to go back to normal sports activity?.
      Thanks in advance.

      • Hi Sagar,

        I have always been swimming and continue to do so. However, I am not very comfortable with contact sports yet. Its just a matter of time that I will resume active sports shortly.

        My 2 cents : Miracles do happen, by themselves, at times when we least expect and its a wonderful experience. But we need to experiment. All that we can do is to have an unconditional & infinite faith, pray heartfully and have a strong mind. At no point of time, there should be a misunderstanding that, unconventional methods can replace conventional medication. In fact it should be a fine blend of both, after all considering the fact that both have the same spiritual source !!!


    • Hi Akhilesh and Sargam, Your posts have given me clarity as I am in the same situation like yours(akhilesh) once after consulting doctors and discussing with other freinds. I am also looking in the nonsurgical treatment .. like combining yoga, pranic healing and natural threrapy… Thanks for the post. Can you plese guide me if you can.. I have met with the accident 3 days back.. Doctors impression after looking at MRI is ACL is completely torn. They said there is no way of healing of ligaments when I asked about the possibilities of healing with pranic energy and yoga. Your guidance and experience will be appreciated.
      Thank you.
      With best regards,

    • Hello I have the same issue in my Acl!!!!! And I am really willing to do any thing to make my Acl heal without going into operation actually 2nd operation I don’t want to do it again if any one can help I would be very grateful

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  3. Mam, i have an acl same as your freind pls. Do prayers for me. As i dont want to go surgery im from philippines. Much appreciation.. for as i believe for god.. thank you!

  4. I got a Ligament tear in right knee. I got pain while walking. The problem is recurringly happening from the past 6 months(every 2 months or one month once when I engaged in normal activities suddenly pain starts and last for weeks). Pls do prayers for me and share any prayers by email to me for healing. I am very strongly believe in God and while doing meditation pain is reduced.

  5. Dear ma’am , I have gone through your blog and I am a believer in miracles and healing. I am suffering from ACL tear in my right knee for past three weeks. I don’t have much pain or swelling on the injured area but while walking I can’t put pressure on my right leg and when I try to walk my right leg gets disbalanced and I tend to fall. Ma’am I need your healing and prayer to get it healed. Looking forward to your guidance. Regards
    Meena Lohia

  6. I too have same complete ACL tear sir in my right knee according to MRI reports. Will my ligament be constructed through healing done by u

  7. Dear ma’am , I have gone through your blog and I am a believer in miracles and healing. I am suffering from ACL tear in my left knee for past 2weeks. I have consulted ortho.. He told that there is a partial tear on ACL. He also suggested without surgery and I am in treatment now.

    I need your help how cure through divine healing therophy

    Please guide me, I am 42 years Male

  8. Thank you for sharing this. My daughter has an appointment on June 27th. In April her MRI showed she retore her ACL and hadn’t meniscus damage. I’m a believer in God’s miracle. I’m usually very private but feel the need to request prayer for my daughter, Tarryn Hart. Thanks in advance. May peace be with you all!

  9. Hi sargam..I’m a doctor and I got an mri fr my knee pain and the report says it as grade 2 acl tear..but I don’t see it in the mri..the acl looks fine in mri..could you help me heal my pain..I also have a cervical spine pblm..I tried to contact you..but it’s not working..I’m From south India ..can you do distance healing fr me..please answer me.

  10. Can I contact you Sargam As I have undergone ACL surgery in 29august 2020 ,Can you make me good as before surgery by pranik healing,Also what r your charges,My age is 56 and m a lady .

  11. Hello my name is Abdullah from Egypt
    2 years ago I was hopeless about my torn Acl so I did operation do heal it then after one year it was torn again
    And after that I began to be more motivated to heal by myself and I don’t what to do but I don’t want to go through surgery again
    So I searched on internet for mind power to heal the by itself then I saw your blog
    All I am asking is help to make me heal Acl
    If your your blog is really for real and there are cases that healed itself I will do any thing to be with you
    Kindly Waiting for your response

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