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Miracles – The Power of Faith, Healing and Blessings ( Anterior Cruciate Ligament Healing)


“Knowing there’s one thing I still haven’t told you: I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen. ” 
― Nicholas SparksA Walk to Remember

As a child I always believed there was something special that each one of us is blessed with. Each one of us is unique; we just have to understand the gifts we have. There was always a knowing that Source has a purpose to create us and he guides and navigates us to our higher purpose in ways that we least understand.

Today I am writing a story of a miracle ; I saw a comment on one of my blogs from a stranger and he asked me to add categories to my blog it was a fair point and I did that. I work for a TCS and a new assignment came in ; we were a team of two people working together. While speaking regarding work I realized he was the same person who had comment on my blog about adding categories. It was a coincidence as in my department there are like 500+ people and it was the two of us working together to accomplish a short assignment together 🙂

We spoke for work a couple of times and then we both connected on the topic of spirituality and Bhagvad Gita and meditation and then I spoke about my passion for energy work (Pranic Healing) . Gradually he also opened up and discussed about his injury Anterior Cruciate Ligament rupture (ACL) and that he was undergoing ACL surgery next month. here is a short write up on the injury:


ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is one of four knee ligaments that are critical to the stability of your knee joint. Your ACL is made of tough fibrous material and functions to control excessive knee motion by limiting joint mobility.Of the four major knee ligaments of the knee, an ACL injury or rupture is the most debilitating knee ligament injury.

A repair of the anterior cruciate ligament is rarely a possibility, and thus the ACL is reconstructed using another tendon or ligament to substitute for the torn ligament. There are several options for how to perform ACL surgery.The most significant choice is the type of graft used to reconstruct the torn ACL

He had an MRI done and had these sudden bouts of excruciating pain ; I did not ask much about the problem and asked if he would want to try healing .He agreed we had a formal discussion however he had already made his mind for surgery in January 2014 he had his appointments in place. We took a leap of faith as this was my first case with ACL and asked to give a month for healing. After every session we shared the experience and it was wonderful just wonderful. We did regular sessions from distance as he was in South of India and I was in Delhi (North) approx 1100 miles 🙂

There were times when his confidence went low due to sudden pain and there were long conversations of motivation. We jointly went through this journey of faith together , regular blessing prayers and healing. His operation was delayed by a month during this time we also met in Delhi had one to one session; meditated together, did blessings :).

He consulted his doctor and had his surgery scheduled for 26th Feb 2014 , I messaged him at night and wished him luck. Then around 12.30 noon he messages me that there was a camera inserted and there was no ACL damage detected it was a minor muscle tear in the meniscus (minor muscle) and hence no operation was needed 🙂

The doctors had the MRI report with them with the ACL damage mentioned and they had nothing to say and comment 🙂 Sometimes Science has no explanation for such extra ordinary happenings MIRACLES that is how they define it. I did not have words just that I was made a channel but this happening strengthen my faith and hence this BLOG.

Once Akhilesh is discharged he will have more to share , this is my thank you blog to SOURCE and for his faith. I wish him a wonderful life ahead 🙂  -Love Sargam

ImageThank you MCKS for the Pranic Healing Protocols 🙂

Spirituality Made Simple :)


As  wondefully written by Kabir Das

“Moko Kahan Dhundhe Re Bande Mein To Tere Paas Mein
Na Teerath Mein, Na Moorat Mein Na Ekant Niwas Mein
Na Mandir Mein, Na Masjid Mein Na Kabe Kailas Mein
Mein To Tere Paas Mein Bande Mein To Tere Paas Mein
Na Mein Jap Mein, Na Mein Tap Mein Na Mein Barat Upaas Mein
Na Mein Kiriya Karm Mein Rehta Nahin Jog Sanyas Mein
Nahin Pran Mein Nahin Pind Mein Na Brahmand Akas Mein
Na Mein Prakuti Prawar Gufa Mein Nahin Swasan Ki Swans Mein
Khoji Hoye Turat Mil Jaoon Ik Pal Ki Talas Mein
Kahet Kabir Suno Bhai Sadho Mein To Hun Viswas Mein”Image


Where do you search me? I am with you
Not in pilgrimage, nor in Statues, Neither in solitudes
Not in temples, nor in mosques Neither in Kaba nor in Kailash
I am with you o man, I am with you
Not in prayers, nor in meditation, Neither in fasting
Not in yogic exercises, Neither in renunciation
Neither in the vital force nor in the body, Not even in the ethereal space
Neither in the womb of Nature, Not in the breath of the breath
Seek earnestly and discover, In but a moment of search
Says Kabir, Listen with care, Where your faith is, I am there.

Meditations, Mindfulness and other spiritual activites help you calm the waters of emotions so that we can understand our own selves, our own life purpose. How you meditate , what you meditate on is not relevant as long you are connected within.

Love is the only thread binding you and every person, being and object in this universe the way you treat them is how you are treating your self. The entire universe is your projection.

What is the center of the universe?????? It is YOU this is your importance 🙂

DO not belittle this universe by living a wasteful life, find your life purpose and follow it with gratitude and love -Sargam

Did you Water Your Roots Today?


Physical hygiene is a very important part of our daily regime. Brushing our teeth, taking bath and then the upkeep of it with regular physical activity and spa and salon visits we ensure that it is maintained for ages.

But do you know every day we generate more than 60,000 thoughts of all kinds, and they get stuck up in our energy body and we sleep with it day in and day out doing nothing about it. At an age of 45 yrs we accumulate around 270 million thoughts in our energy body and we live with them till the end of our lives.

As thoughts are living entities are mind and Chakras feeds on it our emotional and energetic hygiene becomes far more important. The reason that we fall sick even after maintaining proper hygiene and physical activity and experience emotional surges (depression and anxiety) that bogs us down is because of unhygienic energy bodies. Clairvoyantly the energy body or aura cluttered by thoughts and old energy appears as grey in color. This obstructs the flow of ‘prana’ or life force energy in our body and we fall sick.

Let us consider our body as a healthy plant ,no matter how much you care for the plant, dust its leaves, spray disinfectant , put it in sunlight, but if you don’t take care of the roots which is the life support of the plant ,the plant ultimately even after all your hard work will decay and die. So we have to water the plant ,provide manure and nourishment to the roots,

Throughout our lives we keep taking care of the leaves, fruit, shoots but we forget the root of this body which is the soul, the energy body. It needs to be cleaned and nurtured with meditation and spirituality. We need to be watchful of our thoughts as the thoughts feed the mind and chakras. Psychological issues are caused by these recurring and stuck up thoughts and meditation helps to calm and cleanse our emotional and mental bodies.

Pranic Healing helps in cleansing the Aura (mental and energy body) these are the roots no matter how much you scrub and dust the leaves , branches and shoots we need to supply nourishment to the roots.

Have a look at this CBS new Video from California 🙂 Dr. Eric Robbins and Master co.


Love n Light – Sargam ❤Image