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Thank & Grow Richie Rich


Sargam Mishra

I recently conducted a super successful workshop on Gratitude, this was a unique workshop with Meditation, Blessings and Energy Healing as the core of the gratitude practice daily for 21 Days.

Some call it luck, some call it God/Source/Universe, but I call it GRACE.

You can call anything you want but there is a guiding force that shows up in all of our lives. And the more you acknowledge it, the more it appears. The key to grace is being able to acknowledge the presence of grace in your life and this can be done through gratitude and the ability to count your blessings even in the worst of your times.

To understand the power of grace, you must understand that life is not about me; it’s about we. Anytime you do something that is greater than yourself, you get to a different level of insight. Your experience is enhanced. Life is really about creating meaning – and meaning doesn’t come from what you get; it comes from what you give.

So if you have done the first two steps in life and are looking for that luck factor to transform your life then this workshop is for you. In these 21 days we worked on Celebrating grace by being open to movements of grace in our life. The results and expereinces were amazinglyawesomenascious.


Sharing few testimonials of the workshop:

Blessings in my life testimonialRelationship HealingTestimonial

Gratitude has been described as the most trans-formative force in the universe. Now is the perfect time to ‘wake up’ to this powerful vibration as we navigate through energies of the new paradigm. When you learn to fully express gratitude you can experience “Breakthrough Living”.

Benefits of the workshop

  • If you want profound shifts in your life, and you are willing to choose gratitude to create space for these shifts to occur, you will benefit from this workshop.
  • If you would like to experience less struggle in life, and have more joy, prosperity and flow, you will benefit from this workshop.
  • If you want to create a healing experience in your life, with yourself and with others, you will benefit from this workshop.

Look out for the next workshop on http://www.sargammishra.com

Relationship Healing (Round 6)


Flyer Sargam Mishra Online Relationship Healing.png

Master Choa Kok Sui Pranic Healing® utilizes esoteric techniques to disintegrate the negative thoughts and emotions in relationships. This helps individuals to react less to negative energies, while promoting good energy to flow freely between two people in a relationship.
In this free online event we will do a group blessing for all the people who are facing issues in their relationships. A group of healers will be doing collective healing using Advance Pranic Healing Techniques for the group.

We will tune in at 10 pm IST remotely from 1st July for 21 Days at the same time to leverage collective energies for the blessings and healing.

The procedure will be shared today on watsapp groups and FB group

Lots of Love



Blessings in my Life


Blessings in my life Sargam Mishra FB

The world famous Author and Public Speaker Dr. Dr.Wayne W. Dyer said “We attract what we are, and not what we want” this is how Law of Attraction works I am sure most of you have read THE SECRET by Rhonda Bryne and she speaks of the same.

Blessings in my Life Meditation event is a 21 Day Meditation event starting 7th April where you along with 1500 + people will experience the power of Gratitude by appreciating the Blessings in your Life. You will also have a tremendous opportunity to meditate in group using the powerful MCKS Twin Hearts Meditation and the mantra of compassion OM MANI PADME HUM to tap into the energies of WESAK and Full Moon.

What are you waiting for join this free event online today join on FB and watsapp.

join FB group

The Wesak Full Moon Meditation is a very Sacred Event for your Soul and subtle bodies. Many may not realize the true importance of this event. It is a priceless opportunity that only comes once a year for your Soul to bathe in Blessings that our human minds have yet to comprehend.

Once a year, on what is considered to be the most powerful full moon of the year, your Higher Soul gets the chance and privilege to immerse itself in a downpour of Divine Energy to purify your vehicles, chakras and physical body as well as to use that energy to bless Mother Earth. Consequently, as you Bless Mother Earth you are generating tremendous amounts of good karma that can be utilized to bring forth Prosperity, Joy and Happiness in both your Spiritual & Material Life.

See more at: http://pranichealing.com/news/wesak-festival-full-moon-meditation#sthash.2L35Aysv.dpuf


Inner Conversations – Greek Sojourn “Know Thyself”

Inner Conversations – Greek Sojourn “Know Thyself”

Travel is a calling for me an inner invitation something I am unable to justify to myself and even my family. Our travel to Greece was nothing but a calling as many of you have appreciated our photos and I am sure are motivated to visit the country as well. The thought came to me last year August when I saw a picture of Santorini and decided to share on my FB cover with a title “Destination Next”. That year we did a trip to Europe (Swizz Paris n Uk) a pleasure trip totally and the plan for Greece was a dream. In September I went to Pune an annual trip with Delhi Arhatic practitioners to the GMCKS Ashram a beautiful and spiritual place. We had to create a vision board for 2015 and I ended up sticking a picture of a plane with a tag “vacation to Greece”

The Snapshots of the Beauty of Greece

beaches greek

I had no idea why I was so fascinated by the place, none of my friends had gone there and being a Mediterranean climate country my husband would not have agreed to travel with me in August (our annual vacation month). But there was no doubt in my mind about how it will materialize however soon the vision board was shelved on top of my Almirah and I got busy in business as usual.Later on in Feb 2015 I started searching more on the sacred sites in Greece and I was fascinated to see there was so much mythology and culture in this country. I ended up finding more and more interesting reasons for visiting Greece and the thought became powerful. I booked our tickets for August 2015 knowing it will be hot and peak season for tourists , I just went ahead with my bookings following my heart. This year June -July Greece was going through economic crisis, strikes and unrest and our families were very concerned of our trip they even pushed us to cancel the bookings. However in my heart I was sure all will be well as it is not my plan and  it is being worked by someone who knows it better than me :).

During the July full moon meditation a thought was absorbed that I need to conduct a group meditation session and bless the country of Greece using the Universal Prayer The Great Invocation and the timing was actually perfect as I had to travel on 3rd August and I ended up starting a 21 Day Prosperity Healing Event 12th Jul – 1st August and was guided to use the The Great Invocation prayer to bless Greece for financial stability and safety of its people. I had no idea that a dream a year back will actually have an elaborate plan to it and I will be an instrument for blessing this country and encouraging so many to do the same. It is very difficult to share these coincidences with anyone but I am sharing because so many of us get these callings but not sure if we are able to search for deeper meanings.

Adding to all the surprises I was also expecting around 4th month and my husband was really concerned if I could travel and do so much of site seeing but fingers crossed the plan was intact and we landed in Greece.I did keep asking myself why me? and why now? waiting for my answers as I was not sure why am I doing this?  My itinerary though was a mix of pleasure, luxury, pampering and quality time together it also had a higher agenda of visiting Delphi; a 4 hour drive from Athens one way ;one of the most hectic site seeing tour considering my swollen feet and a hot sunny day it was our last site seeing tour.

The Temple of Oracle of Apollo

Oracle of Apollo

About Delphi:

One hundred miles northwest of Athens, soaring high above the Gulf of Corinth, stands the holy mountain called Parnassus. Nestled amidst the pine forested slopes and rocky crags of the sacred peak are the beautiful and exceptionally well-preserved ruins of Delphi. A city of wondrous artistic achievements and grand athletic spectacles during the flowering of Greek culture in the first millennium BC, Delphi is best known, however, as the supreme oracle site of the ancient Mediterranean world.Delphi was considered the center of the earth by many ancient Greeks.Delphi, is also known as the ”centre of awareness” .

An omphalos is a powerful symbolic artifact made from stone. Considered the ‘navel of the world’, the central point from which terrestrial life originated, an omphalos was an object of Hellenic religious symbolism believed to allow direct communication with the gods.


Navel of the world at the Temple of Apollo, Delphi, Greece

Apollo was the “god of oracles,” One of his most celebrated temple is found at the Greek site of Delphi, seat of his famous oracle.The Greek god of the sun and oracles, Apollo, possesses important attributes in common with the Jewish savior Jesus, including his status as the son of God. As Jesus was titled “the Christ” or Christos, so too was Apollo purportedly styled Chrēstos, chrestos appears to have been the title of  “perfected saints” in various mystery schools or brotherhoods, associated with oracular activity in particular. Apollo was the god of oracles, and was supposed to impart the gifts of healing and divination.


Statue Of Apollo At Delphi Museum

My experience of the Site: Our guide gave us a 30 minute introduction of the site which was a lot of theory including details of mythological stories about Pythia the Oracle of Delphi.However I just wanted sometime alone to experience the place energetically to connect with all the great souls that walked the same land and breathed the same air. It is really exciting to imagine one self being present in the same era it is actually an awesome realization.

Sadhguru a mystic of our times visited this site and had something interesting to share too here is a video clip from Delphi:

Finally after some time there was time to meditate with the Oracle of Delphi and ask for guidance 🙂 from the Oracles. I think it was the only reason for being in Delphi.One phrase that was echoing during the meditation was KNOW THYSELF. Later on when I tried finding more about it I came to know this is the best known Delphic injunction and it was carved into the lintel at the Temple of Apollo: GNOTHI SEAUTON, meaning Know Thyself.

“These words may have originated in Apollo’s response to a question Chilon of Sparta asked: “What is best for man?” The reply, “Know thyself,” is similar to the one believed to have been given to the Lydian king, Croesus, when he was told that he must know himself if he would live most happily.”

Gnothy Seauton SargamKnowthyself Sargam Mishra

GNOTHI SEAUTON, Know Thyself and I somehow knew this was the message I had to take with me as a gift from Greece, something that I should write about and remind myself and others that the best way of living our life is by knowing our own self rather than spending days, months and even our life understanding things outside of us. There is a whole universe of knowledge within us we just need to connect with our self.

At this point of time when our Planet Earth is going through a transition all she needs is more and more people who can help her in this transition…. The rise in collective consciousness with the help of ascended masters n spiritual teachers is no coincidence. Most of us who are balancing the act of our lives managing our inner calling with the material responsibilities understand how we are being gently guided in taking up responsibilities which we had never thought of … Whether it is about contributing in encouraging people to connect to their own higher self or by using ourselves as instruments in charging the Earth centers by visiting the places that call us. It is beautiful to know you are not alone in this journey but there are many who are inspired to follow their calling at this point in time.
When you get a calling to visit a place listen to it.

Sargam Mishra Delphi

Love Sargam!

Meditation an Art n Science


“The flowering of love is MEDITATION.”  Jiddu Krishnamurti

It is awesome to write this blog as there are so many people who want to meditate and want to do it the right way. Meditation is a new style statement among “spiritual boomers” .Medical and psychological benefits of meditation have also made it an attractive activity 🙂


As I myself have gone through a similar journey just like you are right now I can understand how genuine the queries of us beginners are. There are also so many schools of thoughts on the ways to meditate that most of us get overwhelmed. Mindfulness Meditation, Walking Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Vipasanna meditation, Kundalini Meditation, Silent Meditation, Chakra Meditation,Sleeping Meditation and there are several techniques which you may have heard or tried 🙂

Meditation is not a technique it is a gentle flowering of your own personality. Meditation is when you decide to sit with your own self , when you are in your own company which initially is not very comfortable. Usually when we sit to meditate very first time we are in an anticipation of strange experiences………. enlightenment, zero thought zone, spiritual flashes 🙂 it happened with me and I am sure you would have also got into these traps.

However once you sit with yourself initially there is a lot of noise within, lot of verbal communication 🙂 which is perfectly okay. People complain I am not able to stop self talk and it distracts me. This is very normal we are not used to sitting doing nothing and our mind has become conditioned to being fed with worries, anxiety, work and to dos and next what?


 When you SIT to meditate all this happens

“Meditation is an Art as well as a Science” you need to be creative and logical at the same time so I am sharing some golden nuggets which have worked for me. You can follow any technique but if you use these steps it will help you with better connectivity with self.

1. Be comfortable with being with SELF

Initially start with a 5 -10 minutes being with SELF (I AM within) you can always increase the time once you are comfortable. When I say being with yourself try to understand that whatever you think you are is just a projection of you. Your name, your body, your house , your clothes, your designation, your family etc..whatever is YOURS is not YOU. You are much more than what your ego has made you associate with.

2. Do some Physical Exercise

This helps open up your nadis for the flow of energy . Short 15 minutes of joint mobilization exercises are good. You can also follow the exercise schedule in the attached twin hearts meditation link.

3. Choose a Mantra/Affirmation

Once you are comfortable being with self start with a Mantra/affirmation (eg: I AM Love) the Mantra or Affirmation will help you center, it gives the monkey mind something to play so while the mind is occupied with the mantra the other thoughts are no longer in focus.Mantras are powerful words that also help to cleanse the energy body and break down thought forms/patterns.

4. Deep cleanse your subtle bodies and eliminate negative thought form/patterns


Use the Mantra OM /Amen/Ameen (Aum is the primordial sound of the universe) to cleanse the energy bodies feel the vibrations starting from the heart moving out of the crown encircling your entire body and also piercing into the energy body and other subtle bodies (there are layers of invisible bodies, emotional, astral, mental ..). Intent to disintegrate thought forms , negative patterns etc. Repeat this till you feel lighter preferably 11 times.

Meditation is actually silencing your mind to listen to your inner being. It is a deep connection with your own soul/spirit/being. While using the mantra focus on the gap, it is the gap where the magic lies. This gap is where you can manifest your biggest dreams it just takes 17 seconds of focus for manifesting your reality.

You can always light a lamp and incense , also choose a suitable time and place to meditate it just helps reduce the time to start your meditation. There is no right way find your own way and let it flower.Based on which technique appeals to you , you can begin however meditation is a process and it will grow and evolve with you.

My personal favorite is Twin Hearts Meditation by Master Choa Kok Sui Meditation on Twin Hearts Mp3

I would love to hear your experiences. Much Love – Sargam


sargam on Meditation Quote

I am Grateful for the Abundance, Aham Brahma Asmi !!


If you are made in the image of the universe , there is no lack just abundance. Once you understand that life was meant to be full of abundance and the key to abundance is GRATITUDE then Life is Beautiful every day every moment.

This video is part of the 21 Day Collective Meditation Challenge.

Spl thanks Jean Greenland for video edit.

Cancer : MIND BODY and SOUL Connection


“Cancer” is a dreaded disease and there is a lot of pain and suffering involved within the family where there is a cancer patient. Cancer can be physical, emotional or karmic in origin  or a combination of them. It is a big setback for any family where a family member is detected cancer it also causes an emotional isolation and it further degenerates the patient.

The whole idea of this blog is to create hope and faith in life and the power of intentions .We have recently seen many cancer survivors like Anita Moorjani, Yuvraj Singh, Lisa Ray, Manisha Koirala,Barbara Mori, Robert Di Niro and the list is really long…..so if they can make it so can anyone else.

Cancer is a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and are able to invade other tissues. Cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems.


Cancer is not just one disease but many diseases. There are more than 100 different types of cancer. Most cancers are named for the organ or type of cell in which they start – for example, cancer that begins in the colon is called colon cancer; cancer that begins in melanocytes of the skin is called melanoma.

Cancer types can be grouped into broader categories. The main categories of cancer include:

  • Carcinoma – cancer that begins in the skin or in tissues that line or cover internal organs. There are a number of subtypes of carcinoma, including adenocarcinomabasal cell carcinoma,squamous cell carcinoma, and transitional cell carcinoma.
  • Sarcoma – cancer that begins in bone, cartilage, fat, muscle, blood vessels, or other connective or supportive tissue.
  • Leukemia – cancer that starts in blood-forming tissue such as the bone marrow and causes large numbers of abnormal blood cells to be produced and enter the blood.
  • Lymphoma and myeloma – cancers that begin in the cells of the immune system.
  • Central nervous system cancers – cancers that begin in the tissues of the brain and spinal cord.


The abnormal division of cells happens when the mind is unable to control production of cells and these additional cells attach themselves to an organ/tissue/bone/ etc. Chemotherapy and other such treatments heal the physical organ affected but the cause is highly psychological .Pranic Psychotherapy and Physical healing when complimented with the medical treatment is very effective.

Negative emotions such as anger, resentment or hatred over activate and dirty the energy centers which in long term manifest as cancer.There is a proper protocol available in Pranic Healing and a number of testimonials are also available online. There are a number of cases handled in various Pranic Healing Centers the testimonials can be found online as well.

Pranic Healing Testimonial for Cancer

Video Testimonial for Lung Cancer

Here are a few tips on helping the body heal through Cancer. Each step is equally important.

tumblr_ml0l2bbfIH1rmm26qo1_4001. Avoid wearing any crystals/gems stones: while cancer is present in the body. These crystals, whether in the form of jewelry or in the home, should be wrapped in silk and placed away until the body is completed healed. 1

2. Proper Diet: Avoid eating pork, catfish and eel. These foods are energetically very dirty and should be avoided at this time. It is a good idea to have a proper diet to help accelerate the healing process. If possible become vegetarian and avoid eating yang fruits and anything else that creates heat in the body.

3. Proper Emotion: Avoid long-standing anger, resentment and hatred. Forgiveness, peace, joy, warmth, love, kindness should all be encouraged. Regularly practicing Meditation on Twin Hearts can assist with this. This meditation flushes out dirty emotional energy and produces inner peace, harmony and happiness when practiced regularly.

4. Drink a high quality Rose Oil. This oil has cleansing effects on the body. It transmutes the dirty energy, allows life force to flow smoothly through the meridians and chakras helping the body to normalize itself. Due to its pink prana it also encourages emotions of love, joy, forgiveness. The Rose Oil must be of a high grade. Put 1 drop of rose oil in 1 L of water.

5. Practice Forgiveness. It is necessary to bless and forgiveness those who have hurt you, or you may have hurt. This has a powerful healing effect on the body. Talk to your PranicHealer about doing a Forgiveness Meditation.

6. Neutralize the negative Karma.  Find an organization that you would like to donate and/or volunteer regularly. Talk to your Pranic Healer about how doing service can neutralize negative karma and improve the quality of one’s life.

7. Receive proper medical and proper Pranic Healing treatment.


Life is beautiful and should be lived to the best. God is all possibility and anyone who decides to change his fate/medical condition can do it. – The Mantra is “LOVE YOURSELF and LOVE OTHERS “

Stay Happy and Healthy – Love Sargam

Did you Water Your Roots Today?


Physical hygiene is a very important part of our daily regime. Brushing our teeth, taking bath and then the upkeep of it with regular physical activity and spa and salon visits we ensure that it is maintained for ages.

But do you know every day we generate more than 60,000 thoughts of all kinds, and they get stuck up in our energy body and we sleep with it day in and day out doing nothing about it. At an age of 45 yrs we accumulate around 270 million thoughts in our energy body and we live with them till the end of our lives.

As thoughts are living entities are mind and Chakras feeds on it our emotional and energetic hygiene becomes far more important. The reason that we fall sick even after maintaining proper hygiene and physical activity and experience emotional surges (depression and anxiety) that bogs us down is because of unhygienic energy bodies. Clairvoyantly the energy body or aura cluttered by thoughts and old energy appears as grey in color. This obstructs the flow of ‘prana’ or life force energy in our body and we fall sick.

Let us consider our body as a healthy plant ,no matter how much you care for the plant, dust its leaves, spray disinfectant , put it in sunlight, but if you don’t take care of the roots which is the life support of the plant ,the plant ultimately even after all your hard work will decay and die. So we have to water the plant ,provide manure and nourishment to the roots,

Throughout our lives we keep taking care of the leaves, fruit, shoots but we forget the root of this body which is the soul, the energy body. It needs to be cleaned and nurtured with meditation and spirituality. We need to be watchful of our thoughts as the thoughts feed the mind and chakras. Psychological issues are caused by these recurring and stuck up thoughts and meditation helps to calm and cleanse our emotional and mental bodies.

Pranic Healing helps in cleansing the Aura (mental and energy body) these are the roots no matter how much you scrub and dust the leaves , branches and shoots we need to supply nourishment to the roots.

Have a look at this CBS new Video from California 🙂 Dr. Eric Robbins and Master co.


Love n Light – Sargam ❤Image