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21 Day Relationship Ad

All relationships are based on Energy. Positive relationships reflect intimacy in every aspect of togetherness: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. The energy of a loving couple in an intimate relationship blends in a harmonious way, allowing love and good emotions to flow between them easily and freely.

Conversely, when a couple is in a poor relationship, arguing and fighting, the energy fields don’t blend and flow. They actually clash and repel, manifesting as even more painful friction.

Master Choa Kok Sui Pranic Healing® utilizes esoteric techniques to disintegrate the negative thoughts and emotions of couples. This helps empower individuals to react less to negative energies, while promoting good energy to flow freely between both partners in a relationship.

The next step is to increase intimacy. Often couples fail to understand that intimacy is about more than sex. When intimacy exists only in the physical body, it tends to fade when the physical body changes.

The same is true on an emotional level. When emotions change, so does the intimacy. The heart chakras of two people have to be highly activated and in tune to each other to form a “heart connection”. This energetic method makes loving each other “effortless”.

On the mental level, people often put their partner’s faults and weakness under a “microscope” rather than focusing on the positive traits. An easy technique is to mentally enhance the positive qualities your partner has, no matter how small.

First, silently do an inventory of their positive qualities. Then mentally praise him/her for the good things you see in them. And finally, physically tell the person how wonderful and special they are. Do this on a regular basis, especially when things are rough. Shower them with good energy and positive feedback and watch them bloom as they aspire to live up to your praise.

From a spiritual standpoint, it is important that the energy fields of two people in a relationship merge together. When we project love, love is projected back to us. We have the Power to literally harness energy to create positive effects and invoke healing in our relationships.

In Pranic Healing, to energetically heal and create successful and loving relationships, it is very important to practice the Meditation On Twin Hearts. This will help flush out the stress energies one accumulates from a stressful day. This powerful meditation first activates the Heart Chakra that helps you become more understanding of your partner. Then the Crown Chakra is activated to experience Soul Oneness. This simple meditation is great for removing anger, stress and resentment, as well as enhancing the loving nature within you and your partner.

To get the best effect, a couple should practice these simple techniques together to experience a merging of the aura and chakras. With more practice they can even experience a merging of the body, the mind, the heart and souls!

Invite your Friends and Family members to experience Free Healing and Blessing for 21 days to help them Transform their Relationships.Please volunteer as Healers (Energy healing practitioners of any modality) who will be healing the group energy for Lovable Relationships.And the people who want to Bless and be blessed ..send me your names (Message me using PM) I will maintain the list. Lets gift Love and Happiness to our friends and families and flood our planet with LOVE

Event Page : https://www.facebook.com/events/652557748200426/

Relationship Healing Online Eventhttp://www.awarenessmag.com/mayjun06/mj06_rapid_emotional.htm

Did you Water Your Roots Today?


Physical hygiene is a very important part of our daily regime. Brushing our teeth, taking bath and then the upkeep of it with regular physical activity and spa and salon visits we ensure that it is maintained for ages.

But do you know every day we generate more than 60,000 thoughts of all kinds, and they get stuck up in our energy body and we sleep with it day in and day out doing nothing about it. At an age of 45 yrs we accumulate around 270 million thoughts in our energy body and we live with them till the end of our lives.

As thoughts are living entities are mind and Chakras feeds on it our emotional and energetic hygiene becomes far more important. The reason that we fall sick even after maintaining proper hygiene and physical activity and experience emotional surges (depression and anxiety) that bogs us down is because of unhygienic energy bodies. Clairvoyantly the energy body or aura cluttered by thoughts and old energy appears as grey in color. This obstructs the flow of ‘prana’ or life force energy in our body and we fall sick.

Let us consider our body as a healthy plant ,no matter how much you care for the plant, dust its leaves, spray disinfectant , put it in sunlight, but if you don’t take care of the roots which is the life support of the plant ,the plant ultimately even after all your hard work will decay and die. So we have to water the plant ,provide manure and nourishment to the roots,

Throughout our lives we keep taking care of the leaves, fruit, shoots but we forget the root of this body which is the soul, the energy body. It needs to be cleaned and nurtured with meditation and spirituality. We need to be watchful of our thoughts as the thoughts feed the mind and chakras. Psychological issues are caused by these recurring and stuck up thoughts and meditation helps to calm and cleanse our emotional and mental bodies.

Pranic Healing helps in cleansing the Aura (mental and energy body) these are the roots no matter how much you scrub and dust the leaves , branches and shoots we need to supply nourishment to the roots.

Have a look at this CBS new Video from California 🙂 Dr. Eric Robbins and Master co.


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