Make A Wish 7 Days Online Blessing and Manifestation Event


Make A Wish Logo Sargam Mishra

I am so happy and excited for this “Make A Wish” Event for all of us. Thank you for your overwhelming response🙏💕

However we have a small qualification activity for all the interested participants. 💕😊

This Diwali ( 7th Nov- 10th Nov) buy a gift and wrap it beautifully. (chocolate, mithai or anything you would love to gift as a gratitude gesture) You need to give this to a stranger with lots of love and warmth as if it is because of this person “The Wish” is fulfilled. This is like an advance thankyou to the universe /source/ God😊

Do it with utmost belief and love and also share the pictures of sharing this joy with the group.This Diwali let us spread hope happiness and joy💕

“It is in Giving that we Receive”

Are you ready ???💕

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Make A Wish Online Event

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