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Your Imperfectness Makes it Perfect


ImageThe search of that perfect mate is a quest of every individual . It is also the most talked about question during relationship counselling 🙂 .I posted the above picture on my Facebook status and I could see hidden question mark on the likes and comments.  Do you really think so 😛 and that is how I got the perfect article to write on imperfectness 🙂

Our purpose to incarnate in human form on this earth is not to come and find our perfect life partner. As most of us think our mission in life is to find a soul mate and we spend a lifetime trying and testing people to check whether they pass the litmus test of perfect soul mates. The outcome of this wonderful search are several heartbreaks and heartaches and at times re marriages.

We keep seeking true love all our life in expectation of living a perfect romantic movie life …and they lived happily ever and after ending. Not until we are hit by the same love of our life in all the wrong places and the meaning of life and soul mate changes our life 360 degrees 🙂

The Great Indian saint and poet “Tulsidas ji” went through his enlightenment after he was nagged by his wife for his indispensable love to her bodily form. Ratnavali his wife  said “had you showed your love for god your life would have been far more worthwhile”, This brought a shift in his consciousness and the great Indian Epic “Ramayana” was conceived by Tulsidas ji.

It is a sad to share but the truth is we learn only in contrasts. To understand love we have to experience a lack of love, to understand trust we have to face distrust, that is how life evolves.

Every person is a projection of our own consciousness, we are living magnets.The imperfections we see in others is a reflection of our own nature which has to be worked upon. Imperfect relationships as we think are the perfect situation for our own expansion.

Lets pay gratitude to these perfectly imperfect partners in our life they are our spiritual gurus 🙂


The Relationship Magnetism – Oops


We are living Magnets and the relationships we are in currently are because of us :). Yes of course if you want to know what kind of energy you are look around and see the people you are with. Two people exist if they are a vibrational match to each other and will continue only till they are a match.

Relationships, soul mates that we meet on our journey of life at first seems to be a perfect answer as it complete the missing experiences in our lives but as we evolve our vibration changes and if either of the mate is slow in his/her expansion we see conflicts.

Often people believe finding a mate who loves them will be the answer to everything missing in their life experience. They want to find that one person who will, in essence, complete them. And almost without exception, they want that person, right here, right now!


If you are seeking a joyful relationship, you must become joyful first. Asking for a relationship to make you joyful is a backwards approach. If you are seeking a satisfying relationship, you must become satisfied first. If you are seeking a relationship full of fun and great timing and excitement, you must become full of fun and great timing and excitement, first.

How you feel equals who you are. And who-you-are equals everything that comes to you.  

“We attract lovers from our level of energy. Take your time to raise your vibration and attract from a higher vibration. If you want to live happily ever after learn to manage your emotions and make joy the most important experience. It’s ever so much more satisfying to get into a blissful place and attract a blissful person and live blissfully hereafter than to be in a negative place and attract a negative partner and then try to get happy from that negative place.”

– Inspired from articles of Abraham Hicks and Law of Attraction