Online Prosperity Healing



This Diwali let us invoke the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and use Master Choa Kok Sui Energly Heaing techniques to remove abundance blocks within our own energy field. The powerful group meditations on Prosperity and one to one healing has helped many of us experience abundance and flow of prosperity and emergence of wonderful opportunities in our life.

We will start 09th October 2016 for 21 Days. The registrations and nominations are open. Share with your friends and family it is a beautiful opportunity to:

1.Harness Group Energies
2.Meditate using the powerful MCKS Prosperity Meditation
3.Daily Healing of abundance blockages using MCKS Cellular Healing Techniques
4.Daily guidance for increasing prosperity consciousness
5. 21 days of practice and a special group meditation on Diwali
6. A cohesive and lovely group to encourage and motivate

Message me or mail on

Come Join Us!!

Message me or mail on


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