Ep – 12 Decoding the Gyan for Success with Suren J



In today’s podcast show I bring to you a gem of a person I first met with him in 2015.  I attended my first National Achiever’s Conference in Delhi. I was fascinated with his vision for India and the passion with which he runs his company Success Gyan.

He is the man responsible for bringing some of the best know Coaches, Speakers, to India he has transformed the personal development industry as Success Gyan Academy is helping provide world-class education online.

In this heart to heart conversation, I dive deeper into his success blueprint and bring to you yet another inspiring episode.

About Suren

Surendran. J who is fondly called Suren by his friends and family is the
Founder & CEO of Success Gyan. Success Gyan is India’s largest organizer of international Seminars and workshops. Success Gyan’s vision is to bring the world’s best to India & take India’s best to the world. Success Gyan currently in a year runs 150 plus seminars & workshops across 11 cities of India and 6 other countries & till date instrumental in transforming more than a million lives.
Success Gyan was recognized as the leading Brand in Education & Learning
category across India by Ministry of MSME at their Brands of India Awards
function during Feb 2019.
He is also the Executive Director in BNI for Chennai CBD (A), he is a serial
entrepreneur and owns a majority stake in Celebrity Badminton League,
Dreamcatcher Investments, JP Academy, etc.
Success Gyan has adopted the entire running cost of Maatram Foundation,
currently, Maatram Foundation has helped 900 plus underprivileged students
pursue higher education completely free of cost.
He has Co-Authored a book called Success Recipe with Brian Tracy who is
considered World’s best management guru. Success Recipe has currently sold
over 40000 copies and recently translated into 6 regional Indian languages.


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