Understanding Your Excess Weight and Letting it Go – Spiritual and Energetic Approach


“Manifesting your perfect weight is a natural result of realigning with your true self ” – Marianne Williamson

Have been waiting so long to write on this topic 🙂 but it is never too late to pen it down even now. Weight management has been a dear topic for me for last 15 years. Something I have read, researched and experimented myself. We are all born a few pounds in weight and gradually as we grow we keep on putting many more pounds; till one day we realize the few pounds are visible spilling from our clothes. This revelation for some creates an alarm these people take control of their health while for the others we get depressed and start detesting ourselves.


This blog is for the latter type , the depressed, over critical, lazy bums who start seeing food as the forbidden apple and still go ahead and sneak a slice of pizza or a chocolate and then beat themselves up. Food is highly emotional , when we are happy we feast when we are sad we binge. Food is an essential part of our lives and one of the ways to share love and affection. In Indian families mothers spend most of the the time cooking for the family pouring all their love in desserts and delicacies 🙂 So we cannot do much about food it will be around us tempting and enticing but yes some changes can be made and most of us have also adapted to healthy eating.

With my experience of 78 kgs (172 pounds) in 2007-2008 ; I realized even with a normal diet and moderate activity I  just gained around 8 kgs approx with ease and did not realize till I stepped on a weighing scale. For most of us weight gain just happens and it is so gradual that we are unable to notice till we get a critical compliment from our friends/colleagues or partners 😉

I am a certified Pranic Healer and lately I attended a course on Pranic Weightloss and Body Sculpting and was so surprised to learn that excess weight is nothing but energy , it is an energy that is stuck up due to our emotions. It has not much to do with exercise or dieting. Our bodies are completely neutral the way they behave is an effect rather than a cause. What has to be consumed, stored or expelled out of the body is the work of our mind.


Let us understand this stuck up energy , we understand that our bodies metabolism and secretions of hormones are controlled through the brain activity , the brain works as a response to our thoughts. Thoughts are broadly divided into Fear based thoughts and Love based thoughts. The cause of excess fat in the body is fear which blocks out love.

I know you must be thinking most of the fat people look happier 🙂 but it is an external appearance put up these beautiful people mostly. When we do a session the emotions of under confidence,low self esteem and a habit of  constant negative self talk is observed. The fear based thoughts include, shame, insecurity and low self esteem. These thoughts have energy which is contracting and dark grey and this can be felt while scanning. These are really old thought forms that get stuck and refuse to move even with best of diet plan and exercise regime. So your fat is all the anger and hate you have directed to yourself and others.

The world renowned author Louis L. Hay in her book, You Can Heal Your Life, writes that the probable causes of excess weight are: Fear; need for protection; Running away from feelings; Insecurity, self-rejection, Seeking fulfillment, and others She goes on to say, “Fat is related to Over sensitivity. Often represents fear and shows a need for protection. Fear may be a cover for hidden anger and a resistance to forgive.”

According to Louise, fat in the arms can mean “anger at being denied love.”

Fat on the belly can mean “anger at being denied nourishment” and

Fat on the hips can be “lumps of stubborn anger at the parents”. Even fat on the thighs can be “packed childhood anger, often rage at the father.

Interesting isn’t it?  Most of us hold on to fat to mask our insecurities in relationships, work, life ahead etc etc. Our natural state is Love and love is detachment, love is letting go. The energy of love is moving , it is expansive. So whether it is relationships or food if we practice detachment we show love.Obsession for either a person or for any substance happens when we are ready to give and do not know how to receive. We keep holding for more because we do not feel we are getting back the desired response.

Here is a beautiful workshop conducted every year on 21 Days of Emotional Weightloss and Emotional Detox happens on http://www.sargammishra.com

Life is all about creating a love affair and if we do so with our food and bodies the response is amazing. Trust me your body needs your love and appreciation as much as other people in your life or even more. Here are few suggestions that you can include in your day to day life :

Tips for a Spiritual Weight Loss 🙂

1. Make some time to be with self – Take out 30 minutes in a day for yourself where you can just focus on your self this is your time of “self love”

2. ‘Mirror’ – Your best friend – I keep hearing my friends and family complaining that I am obsessed with mirrors; and I openly admit I am I deliberately made it a habit to smile and mentally say “I love you gorgeous”  when ever I see a mirror. Next time you catch me smiling just like that you will know what I am thinking. This helps in lifting your self esteem.

3. Project love to your body – Your body is the  temple of your soul no matter what it looks like it is sacred. Always remember you cannot do away with anything you are in resistance with. You will have to first accept yourself with whatever weight you are right now and then only you will be able to condition it to look its best. So mentally do an affirmation ” I approve of my self, I salute the divinity within me and I promise to maintain a healthy relationship with my body through my mind”

4.Bless anything that you put into your mouth – Food/Water any edible stuff just mentally bless it, as per Masaru Emoto’s experiment on water thoughts impact our reality so when we bless any negative energy that the food is cooked with or projected with is neutralized and is fortified with nourishment.

5. Surrender yourself to Source – When a fetus is 9 months in the womb of a mother there is a source that takes care of it , most of us are born healthy and normal. This is because nature is self correcting and providing.The minute the baby is born the parents take control and all hell breaks lose. We forget that we are all made in the image of god we are born to follow our bliss and encourage others to do the same. So whether it is your excess weight, it is your issues and problems just surrender them to source. Remember the emotional baggage will become the excess weight better to leave it to the God than carry it with you 😉

You can also visit a certified Pranic healer for Pranic Weight loss and Body Sculpting program. As I said I had my own journey with weight loss and self image here is a sneak peak :). We are not forever stuck with a fat, obese body the moment we choose to let go of our weight the transformation begins 🙂


I will send a short visualization meditation to all the readers who will comment on this blog 🙂 – Much Love Sargam


Sharing a lovely meditation for weightloss with all of you

Crystals for Weightloss 

This pouch has 7 chosen crystals specially to aid Weightloss and emotional detox. This is curated specially for the 21 Days Spiritual Weight Loss and Emotional Detox Workshop participants.

The crystals are thoroughly cleansed and energized with personal programming by Sargam.

Along with the pouch you will receive a link to the instruction video from Sargam

crystal alchemy with sargam weightlossshedding the weight

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  1. hey ma’am ♥
    I love ur blog…its gives me a deep satisfaction. ..
    yesss…I can do it..♥

    love u ..neelima♥♥

    • Thank you for the insights Sargam, really makes sense! ♥
      Munish might be onto something here: what are the causes of being skinny or anemic and what can be done about that? Maybe your next post will cover that 😉
      ☼ ♥

  2. Amazing article.. even being into fitness and sports for years, never knew that body fat is associated with emotions!! 🙂 Thums up for your fitness achievement. Keep it up!

  3. Sargam…your love shines through Thank you for being a beaming light for others…I had gained weight two years ago…I have healed within… keeping weight off for one year now! Heart to heart Robyn…

  4. Hey Sargam! Great to have come across your blog on wtloss.Have been on hundreds of yo yo diets to gain all the wt.back..along with lotsa medical issues due to dieting. .Have been into pranic healing on and off…losing faith if it didn’t work out. your blog again ignites the spirit n am ready to head bang on again.

  5. Atma namaste sargam, i am chaitanya a pranic healer, i am over weight, i used to be 120kgs after one year of regular high intense crossfit(www.crossfit.com) exercises and on and off diet i reduced 15 kgs. I still have to reduce 30 more kgs to reduce and need some tips and suggestions, also from now on i want to add on pranic body sculpting, please drop an email to devchaitu18@gmail.com or add me on facebook http://www.facebook.com/devchaitu18
    Thank you

  6. Your journey seems interesting and I would also like to benefit from it.

    Kindly share the video clip with me too.


    Anupama Rao

  7. Its new to hear about overweight.i ve also done basic pranic healing course.i really enjoyed reading ur blog.very nice.pls send me weight loss meditation.

  8. hi sargam… what a wonderful writing! u lifted my spirit. recently i have done t pranic healing body sculpting workshop. I want to lose my unnecessary weight. enjoyed reading ur blog. would u pls send me the visualization. thanks dear!!
    i must say, ur writings are very inspiring and thought provoking!!

  9. Hi madam,
    I an immpressed with your website. I want to know more details and follow visualisation meditation.


  10. Hi sargam
    Very informative blog… I am also into pranic healing. Will appreciate if could send me the meditation.

  11. Hi sargam
    Very informative blog…i am also into pranic healing so will appreciate if you could send me the meditation.

  12. Amazing article dear Sargam, feeling relaxed as truely said, fear, anger are the reasons for weight gain, will try to reduce my anger within me.

  13. Getting encouraged after reading your blog. I tried pranic healing for past 6 months. Tried from many healers. But no change in weight loss. Very minimal weight loss which I gained back. Losing my hope. Trued all diets. No use. Atma I wish to see weight loss through you. How to contact and how much you charge per seesion. Already I had wasted enough money for this. So afraid this time.please clear my doubts.

  14. Hi Mishra…
    Am also a Pranic healer..Lovely insight…even I wish to loose 25 kgs..I hv been into wt losing regumies for yrs together..which mostly ended up with depression…hope and am anxious to have a version of wt lose meditation…thanks fr ur grt support…Anxiously waiting fr ur reply..tq..

  15. thankyou so much for this write up Sargam :), most of us keep looking for solutions outside instead of looking within, the write up very useful

  16. hi sargam…lovely insights, thank a lot for your article. This article com as an anwer for my search about this matter. I am so grateful. Would you kindly share your techniques? I would be grateful. Thank you again…have a great day

  17. Thank you so much for this new information. I have done my basic pranic healing class. Would love it if you have me the short visualisation meditation. Would be very grateful to you 🙂
    Much love.

  18. Hi Sargam,

    Thanks for highlighting important issue with such ease. I am your guru bhai as Gp Capt. S.P. Saxena has been my teacher too. I took Pranic healing course for basic, advance and Advance scanning along with Crystal course back in 2005. Though i am not active in pranic heaing clinic however i have been following it for these many years on my family and friends.

    Please help me with the short visualization meditation on weight lose as i have extra 10 kgs of weight.

    Also can you give me an insight for body sculpting.

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  20. Thank you for your inspirational blog which has made so much sense to me! Bless you and your continued work….

  21. This is exactly the kind of article I was looking for. I had this innate feeling, but just wanted to confirm it,that my binges and cravings are all metaphysical. I searched the internet for so many days, and finally found someone who validated what my gut told me. Thank you so much!

  22. I am interested in this healing. I now realize Im in much need. Please send me an email and provide me with the steps I need.

    Thank you!!

  23. Thank you enormously for sharing your journey, light and wisdom. These gentle reminders make a world of difference. Sending loving energies 💖

  24. Sargam,

    I loved your post!! I would actually like to learn more about Pranic Healing. Could you please contact me so we could discuss:)

  25. Your blog calls to me. Some while ago I healed myself overnight of some serious pain in my body by identifying the root cause of it and giving my body there love and attention and affirmation it needed. I’ve struggled all my life with my Weight and I am ready to start healing myself. Which is what brought me to this blog. Please send me the meditation too. I will use it well.

  26. Oh thank u for this. I have always felt the answer to my obesity was as a result of some sort of spiritual reason. I just don’t feel like it has much to do with what I eat and how much excercise I do. I actually don’t eat much; other than I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I’m interested in your work. I feel like thus weight is really old stagnant energy; old ways I felt about myself that I no longer feel but it’s still on my body. I’ve akways known spirit wants me to feel alive and healthy ; not fat and unhappy.

  27. This article was enlightening. I do have anger within me and resistance to people who hv wronged me. And I got hypothyroidism and started gaining weighting only after that state of mind. Please guide

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